Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crawlin', Teethin', Cryin', and Jammin'


Yeah, me here...that would be the Polish-blogmasta!

Just checked the blog and boy, bit of time has elapsed since Tonya's last blog.

So, I'll give a quick update:

Tonya is pregnant with twins!!!!!

Just kidding, but Caleb said he wants 2 more baby boys...

Quads are working on 11 months in this crazy world. Where does that put them? All over the freakin' house! It's nuts. I'm sure all of you can remember that one time, come on, you know it happened, when you set little Johnny down and went into the kitchen and then came back out and AHHHHH, where did little Johnny go!

At least there was one baby there...the other 3....AHHHHHH, where did they go!

Funny stuff. Didn't happen....yet.

Can't imagine what the heck kind of a corral we are going to need when the Rugrat 4 start walking!

So, crawlin' is cool. Funny when Summer and Cam are on concrete - knees don't touch - more of a bear crawl. Brock and Dane don't seem to care.

Also, man, you thought one kid ate a lot of crumbs, dirt, what-not off the floor...

Teethin' - God let it end soon!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said there.

Cryin' while Teethin' - I just lay there and pretend to be sleeping :) Shhhh, don't tell Tonya.

Jammin' is what Tonya does all day with Aiden and Cale and the Quads while I'm at work. Sounds like they pretty much party and have fun all day. Me, I'm still watering that money tree I planted in 2002 so I can join the mid-week party.

Caleb and Aiden absolutely rock. I never could have imagined how much love I have in me. Those 2 little dudes are my best buds!

Aiden is playing T-ball. Caleb and I are coaches. It's nuts, absolutely nuts. Caleb does a great job - get the lineup set, batting order, warmups, batting practice...Really he kind of wanders the field and stays by me, such a cutey. Aiden is good, real good, but we work with him a lot, which I don't think is a common activity with many others on his team. They are young though, but we have high standards in this house! He is an aspiring major leaguer. I remain optimistic - for a 5 year old, he can take an inside fastball yard and goes opposite field when it's low and away, something dad always struggled with.

I will get on Tonya to post some photos - ya'll will melt when you see recent photos of the Quads! Though, she is rather busy....

Peace -