Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Quads Are Coming, Part II by Lew

Okay, I believe I used that title, minus the Part II, on July 31, 2008 around 11:30ish am? That would have been the day they were born, duh! However, when I was typing that email, I was shaking profusely and could hardly even think! This time I am typing in pure joy!

Well, this time the title means THEY ARE COMING HOME...not as a group, but we have a very good idea when...

Dane-O ETD: Sunday!
Cameron ETD: Early-mid next week!
Summer & Brockie ETD: Late next week-weekend!

Cale and Aiden call Brock Baby Brockie - so cute!

Holy Balls!

Dane-O said he wants to golf. We told him we thought that might not be a good idea - too many germs. He was pissed but hey, he shouldn't even be born yet! So, in order to insure Dane-O's health, he will be home on Sunday. Geez, we are just so amazed at how these babies performed over the past 5-6 weeks! Just plain amazing!

Well we did it. We did it with a heck of a lot of help. We are so thankful for everything that everyone has done for us. I have to give special thanks to the staff at Munson. They kept our babies alive from the first second and we are forever indebted to them. Their care has been instrumental in the survival and ultimate health of The Quads.

Of particular note, there was a nurse named Julie that was with The Quads quite a bit during their first week or so. I do not know Julie's last name. She has not been with the staff since as she had to get surgery. When Julie left, she told us it was her job to make sure The Quads made it through the first week. They made it with flying colors and here we are! Thank you Julie and every other staff member at Munson for treating our babies as if they were one of their own. It brings tears to my eyes! I wish Julie could be here to see them off...

Feeling overwhelmed right now so I just want to say thank you.

The Lewandowski Family - Tonya, Jeremy, Aiden, Caleb, Summer, Brock, Cameron, and Dane.


Jutta, Germany said...

Absolutely amazing !
Congratulations on Dane coming home!!!

Jutta, Germany

Fern said...

SO EXCITED for you! And also thrilled to find a blogger that will use the phrase, "Holy Balls."


Easy $ said...


Boy, you better get ready for an even crazier ride!! :)

We still talk with some of the nurses that took care of our trips. They are special people.

Good luck to you!!


Debby said...

How exciting! Reverse alphabetical order, to boot!

Moni Graf said...

Let the games begin! NICU days are quite the rollercoaster ride....Being home with quads + 2 is just a different kind of crazy. You'll handle it with just as much grace and humor as you have from the beginning of they journey.

Congrats on being able to bring them home soon. Have fun on the golf outing!

Love from KS,

Moni Graf said...

I meant "the" journey. Duh.

And Holy Balls is right!

Gabrielle said...

HOW EXCITING!! I'm sure its unreal to you and Tonya!! Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful babies!!!
Love ya,
Your cousin Gabrielle

Kara said...

Great news. Glad to hear that they will all be coming home soon. Continuing to send prayers your way.

KSDallas said...

I am so excited for you all. So, have they in fact started coming home? I am sure it makes it more challenging having some home and some at the hospital. It won't be long, though and they will all be home! Congrats on getting to this milestone.