Monday, September 22, 2008

Bring on Life by Lew

Dane came home last Sunday.
Brock and Cameron came home yesterday.
Summer comes home tomorrow.

Saying they are cute doesn't do them justice - they are precious.

Life is a bitch and then you die, so get busy livin. A saying I refer to often.

I received an email from a dear friend over the weekend. My friend told me a story of how he was with some dear friends that he doesn't get to see often enough. My friend began placing money on time. He said he would give $100 if it were 9:00 pm. That was at 1:oo am. At 4:30 am, it was up to $500. These were my friends on the night of September 13, 2008 - they were gettin' busy livin'! These are my friends that banded together to do something so incredible I just don't know where to start. Thank you my friends.

Tonya and I don't know where to start with a lot of things. What took place on September 13, 2008 was more than special. We are so blessed to have come to know such a wonderful network of friends. We love you all.

Less sleep means more time awake which means you live more. Tonya and I will be sleeping less and livin more for awhile here, but we know lifes a bitch, we're just making sure we get busy livin' before we die.

Get Quads, Be Cool


gabrielle said...

way to put it!
WOW all babies home tomorrow! I bet thats the best feeling!!!
Love you cousin, Gabrielle

Quads_Plus_One said...

It will be so wonderful to have them all home, ours all came home on the same day and I had lots of people say that it would have been nice to have them trickle (interesting word to use) home one by one so we could "ease" into having quadruplets. First, there is no easing, when is it NOT a beautiful thing to have all your kids home and safe in your arms? Praise God!

Sweety Cassidy said...

good news, all at home in 1 week !! they go home for there due date, no ?

Easy $ said...

God Bless!

Enjoy them, they grow so fast, as you know!!

God is soooo good! He gave them to you because he knows how strong you are.


Kara said...

Congratulations. I bet you two are busy parents!!! I can't wait to see lots of pictures of your precious babies home. Do you have lots of help for feedings, etc? Sending lots of prayers your way.


Dana said...

Who hoo! Now the REAL party gets started. Can't wait to hear quad + 2 tales. Hook us up with a few pictures once you get settled in.
Love and prayers,
Dana M.

KSDallas said...

It is so great they are all home! Congrats. We need new pics now so we can see how cute they look all snuggled into their own place. I know you don't have anything better to do than satisfy complete strangers' wants and desires. Ha!

Anyway, get some rest and update us when you can. Now is the time it all really gets crazy.

Best wishes from TX...


Gerri said...

Congratulations! Now the REAL fun begins.....enjoy them, before you know it, they be all grown up....Cale & Aiden too!Will keep you and yours in Steve & my prayers! Now...about some pics????

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hold all of them on my lap! Can't wait to feed all of them. Can't wait to kiss & hug all of them. Can't wait to see you all!!!!!
Love Grammie