Monday, April 6, 2009

The Boys and The Babies...Alone?

Tonya went to Vegas...Jeremy, the boys, and the babies DOMINATED!

That's right, total, complete, absolute DOMINATION!

While mommy was out soaking up the sun and sucking down the strawberry daquiri's, we were sucking down ounce after ounce of formula! Well, Caleb and Aiden tend to steer clear of that stuff and my formula tends to be more of the "daddy variety"...

While mommy was out dancing the night away, we puts the Quads on the flo and partied to Jimmy Buffett, John Denver, and The Wallflowers! The Quads love Jimmy Buffett!


One question remains - could Jeremy have done it all by himself?

For the most part, I did it alone. Tonya's dad was there in the morning and evening. During the day, he was off at our pad in Bellaire making that puppy more sellable. Volunteers came over on Thursday and Friday for a few hours which allowed me some quality time with Caleb and Aiden.

I will say, the volunteers we had over appeared to be quite suprised when they waltzed into the cottage. I think they were expecting to see Caleb and Aiden impersonating Spiderman by clinging to the ceiling with their ears plugged while daddy frantically tended to four screaming babies. What they did waltz into was a tightly run ship! DOMINATION! Clean house, Aiden and Cale rockin' it, babies sleeping or playing happily on the floor, etc, etc. Heck, even found time to do the laundry, sweep floors, vacuum carpets, etc, etc.

I will say my patience about wore out Saturday night. Just needed a breather. Those Quads wear you down man. Getting a couple hours out with Caleb and Aiden is great, but it was essentially during baby nap time so it wasn't a break per se, rather extremely fun quality time with Caleb and Aiden.

What did I ultimately get out of Tonya's vacation?

A much greater appreciation for the Number 1 wife and mom in the world. I know she rocks. But until you do it alone, though I did have some help, you just don't really know what it's like. The days when she doesn't have any help, she's the best, without a doubt, and it really is amazing that she does what she does. Love that girl of mine. Need to tell her that more often...

So what else is new? Quads are 8 months, Aiden just turned 5, and Caleb will turn 3 at the end of April. Where does the time go?

Caleb and Aiden are my best buddies - I just love spending time with them. They are the world to me and it is tough not being able to spend more time with them. Really tough.

At the same time, spending time with The Quads is amazing, especially when you consider that whole time thing. Hard to believe we are at 8 months already. Won't be but a couple weeks and they will be crawling and teeth will be coming in and all that fun stuff!

On another note, our house in Bellaire is not sold or rented.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, life's a bitch man. At least we have a house. When you look at what's going on throughout Michigan and beyond, having a house has come to be a big deal.

So, in all likelihood, we will be back in Bellaire in May. It's not what Tonya and I want, but we will definitely make the most of it - you can count on that! Something miraculous could happen, but we are initiating plans to move back home. Although it's not where we need or want to be, we will have a place that is our own and a place with space. No doubt we'll miss the luxuries of the cottage, but at the same time, we will have space.

For the record, I could have done it all by my little self...

DOMINATION by Quad Daddy and the Lew Crew!


Quadmama said...

Jeremy: that's pretty cool that you did it all your own overnight and lived to tell about it :) But the bigger thing is this: Tonya, the next time you go to Vegas PLEASE take me along! Your babies are beautiful. It's been awhile since I've checked in and it's great to see how much they've grown!

Dana said...

OK--so keeping the kids fed and diapered would be impressive enough. But the house wasn't destroyed?? That is shocking. Go Daddy! Sorry to hear the housing market is tough there. I know that must be very frustrating. Hopefully the move will be short-term until the right buyer comes along. I think summer is supposed to be the best season for home sales??
Love from LA,
Dana M.

Loveland said...

Way to be Lewis!

Kara said...

Will your job transfer you or are you going back to your previous company?

Also, congrats on handling all the kids. That is awesome!!! Hope to see pics soon :)