Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Final Piece to the Puzzle? by Lew

The Puzzle got thrown in the friggin' garbage!

It was taking too damn long!

Tonya is the Queen of Quad moms!

The Quads are fighting hard to grow!

Aiden and Caleb are as out of control as ever and we just love it!

Hank's buying The Babeliner - keeping it Polish baby!

I gotta great job in TC!

We're moving into a manor!

We got people pulling for us, sending us vats of diapers and what not!

Thanks to some trucker dude that looked like Charlie Manson that made minced meat out of The Vibe, I have a good excuse to go to the dealership and wheel and deal for a big ass van with flames on the hood!

We are ready for this rollercoaster ride to start!

Best part about this rollercoaster - no lines, no height restrictions, you can bring booze and beer on it, and all are welcome at any time!

Looking forward to sharing our new life with ya'll!

Thank you for everything, you are all really good people that have opened our eyes to a lot of things.

Peace out,

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MrsNanP said...

Shaggy let us know about the demise of the Vibe, courtesy of Charlie Manson the Trucker - you guys - sigh - never a dull moment - well, keep the faith and when we get back from our vacation all the way over in Houghton Lake, we shall have to pay all 8 of you a visit.......
oh, btw, yesterday, we met your friend who lives in South Park - he says any stories we've heard about him have been greatly exaggerated - ya know, when people say that, that just makes me laugh - and also totally believe what I've heard!! ha ha ha ha ha ha take care, y'all - as always, you are in our thoughts & prayers......MrsNanP & her Petersssss.....