Friday, October 3, 2008

Believe It

We are eight strong.

We are finally all together.

We are the LEWANDOWSKI's.

You will hear us coming every time... so best be looking the heck out.

Dude, our family ROCKS.

It's amazing how your life changes when you effectively double the size of your family overnight.

It's also amazing how durable an eardrum is... the noise level in the cottage we are staying in must surely break all sanity standards for living. It is not for the weak of heart, my friends - but we are up to the challenge.

Here our beautiful new family is as we departed from the NICU at Munson for the very last time. Our baby girl Summer was finally able to come home and join her brothers... and our whole crew couldn't be happier to be reunited once and for all!


Here is big Dane the day of his release... weighing in at a full 6pounds!!! We were so excited to have him home ~ but it was a bitter sweet experience having to leave the others behind... I will elaborate on all that later.

Next came Brock (5#6oz) and Cameron (6#1oz)... exactly one week after Dane...

And finally, FINALLY, our little Summer (5#2oz)broke free - WE ARE ALL HOME!!!

Our babies spent a total of 7-1/2 weeks in the NICU at Munson. A long, hard, frustrating, emotionally draining and sometimes scary stay that we often thought would never end. But we made it! Every one of our babies are now home and safe in our arms (semi-safe in their big brothers Aiden & Caleb's arms... hee, hee) and HEALTHY AS CAN BE!! Glory be. We continue to thank God and every last one of you daily for our little miracles.

We have come a long way, baby. And I am sorry that I have not been on a computer since I was in the hospital to post any pictures of our little angels - Jeremy is the Master Blogger, but apparently my man has a picture posting phobia of sorts.

Our babies are absolutely gorgeous.


They are!

OK, so we might be a tad biased but then again what parent isn't?

I don't have a lot of time to blog on this first night back, go figure, but I do want to share a little photo timeline of our babies with you. Our little peanuts are no longer so little (yes, Dane is now over 7#!!!) - but we certainly have that NUTS part down =) Looking back on these pictures brings tears to my eyes... putting myself back in those rooms at the NICU... but we made it through and our babies made it through unbelievealbly well. Soon it will all seem like a distant memory...

From the first night that Jeremy and I were able to hold the babies....

To the first time the boys were able to come visit their little brothers and sister...

The babies one-month birthday - we were able to hold ALL of them AT ONCE for the first time!! This was an amazing night for us - absolutely unforgetable...

And look at our little chunkers now... From left to right: Dane (7#1oz), Cameron (6#13oz), Cousin Avery, Brock (6#7oz), and Summer (5#10oz)!!! Little smittle - these babies are a-growin'!! It is already hard to believe how little and fragile they were only 8 weeks ago... now we hold arm wrestling matches nightly. These kids are just off the hook!
Now that mama T is connected once more I hope to keep you all posted on our day to day life... it is an adventure - that's for sure! So much has happened to our family that we want to share, so many amazing experiences, amazing people, amazing blessings... it has been so overwhelming on so many different levels.
Thank you all for your continued prayers of support - we couldn't love you more!!


Dana said...

Those babies are so gorgeous!!! I am so happy to hear such a great report! I'm sure the next few months will fly by with all of the activity. Sure appreciate the pics--I will be looking at them a few times today. Such a miracle!
Love and prayers,
Dana M.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Can't wait to see them in person. I heard Dana and Steve (and Jackie too) got to hold them and feed them. They loved it! Enjoy everyday with them, they grow up so fast!
Ron and Carol Salladay

Lauryn said...

You guys look great! I'm so glad everyone is home and healty. I want to come visit you guys, but I'll wait a little since everyone just got home.

I'll give Jeremy a call ( since I only have his cell phone number, unless thats changed too ;] ) at some point and come visit!

Lauryn Alger

Kara said...

Congratulations. They are beautiful and Praise God that they are all home safe and healthy!!!


P.S. On a side note, are Dane and Cameron identical? In one of the last pictures, they appear to look very much the same....

Anonymous said...

Love the posting. Keep on trucking Lewandowski's. Love you all. Can't wait to see all 6 kids again for another rowdy match:)

Dana, Steve, Jackie and Ava

Gabrielle said...

You have a very beautiful family!!! :)
You and Jeremy are amazing people who were given this amazing experience!! Love it up!!! :)
Love you all!!
your cousin Gabrielle

Meranda Lambert said...

Hooray...Pictures! Yeah for Mama T getting back in the loo.....Never a question in my mind from the first time I saw that ultra sound...I knew you could do it! I will see you this Friday!!!! I can't wait....

Kara Atkins said...

Your journey brings tears to my eyes! I've been following along ever since I met your family during our stay at the Hospitality House (my mom was the one involved in the bicycle accident). I hope you keep posting--what an inspiring story you have and I'm glad you're willing to share. God Bless you and your beautiful family!

KSDallas said...

What an adorable family you have! Thanks for the pictures. It is so great to hear they are all home and doing well. I am sure life will be crazy but it will be worth it. And I am sure Summer is going to be one spoiled little girl! With 5 brothers - you will never have to worry about her getting picked on. :o)

Congrats on surviving the NICU and bringing home 4 healthy babies.


Erik said...

They look so big and healthy. Their color is awesome!!

Congrats and god bless all of you, although you are already blessed so much!!


(Aunt) Gerri said...

How awesome! Never under estimate the power of Prayer! Keep the pics coming and hopefully we can come up soon with Grammie & Papa!
God Bless!

Misty said...

Your family is so beautiful! Congratulations on having them all home. I know what a wonderful feeling that is.
Many blessings to you!
MOM to GGGG quads