Friday, October 10, 2008

The New Life by Lew

Okay, we are back in the blogosphere! Our postings will now consist of updates to the progression of The Quads and The Lewandowski Family. We, well Tonya, will do our best at posting photos of The Quads and our family and we will continue to convey to all the trials and tribulations of life with quadruplets + 2.

At the moment, one word can summarize our families new life - CRAZY!

Best part about it is, for the most part, we absolutely love it. The only thing that could be better is having a house to call our own in Traverse City. That will come, will a van to call our own. We currently have a huge van on loan while our friends at Price Point scour the state for one for us to purchase.

I want to make everyone aware of the possibility of The Lewandowski Quadruplets website ( possibly going down. The process is in the works and we are unsure of the future. However, the blog site will run, probably forever. It's just plain fun. So, in the event that one day ya'll should come to see what we are up to and the website is no longer available, be sure to save the link to the blog site...

Peace out

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Devereaux Quads said...

Glad to see everyone home and doing great, a 7 week NICU stay is great for quads! Congrats!