Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking on the world

Yeah, that's us... BLUEBERRY PICKING BABY!!

Our inaugural outing with our family of 8 (not including doctor appointments -ugh) was a couple weeks ago to the Blueberry Festival - look at this freaking group of rowdies! We had a blast - and if you are suprised that blueberries were still in season and ripe for pickin' in October join the crowd, man. But it ROCKED!! Babies enjoyed the fresh air and the big boys rode horses!! Life is just too much stinking fun =) Yes, that's grammie and papa with us- they have been making the trek up north nearly every single weekend to help us out... priceless.
And, BONUS, we could finally say that we had every row in the van occupied - YEAH BABY!!! We are considering getting walkie-talkies to communicate with passengers in rows 3-4... "Uh... Houston... do you have a copy?" Nothing better than having the opportunity to YELL to your 4 year old "SPEAK UP, BOY! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" That just doesn't happen... except in a van as big as your house.

We also reveled in our first 'shock and awe' session as we traveled in our pack. As you can see we LOVE Bjorns; Jeremy carried one baby , my mom carried one baby, and I figured out a way that I can rig up two bjorns at the same time to carry two (as opposed to buying a whole new "double" carrier - ha!). So of course everyone thinks that I had twins and that the other two are a different family... but once the full story comes out it's a hoot to see people's reactions!! When we were out again last weekend getting our pumpkins and doing corn mazes (yes, even the babies wanted to find their way through that corn!) it was almost embarrassing - I was actually photographed by two separate families/couples and asked for my name!

A tad weird.

OK. REALLY weird.

But the best part was that instead of our usual "Oh my gosh! Did you do in-vitro or something?" question (that we've made CLEAR we LOVE...) the question I heard over and over was "Are you nursing ALL of them?" Never heard that darned other word ONCE! It was SO REFRESHING!! And, of course, mama T was loving the opportunity to tout to the world that "YES! I am!! It's so awesome!!" I am going to bore you all with a blog devoted to my nursing/pumping life with quads here shortly, so be fore-warned if you want to block that one out.

Speaking of quads - look how cute!!! They are really getting SO BIG!!! They all get weighed again tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure they'll be coming in around their fighting weights. My guess?

Dane: 8#6oz Cameron: 7#10oz Brock: 7#5oz Summer: 6#10oz

I'm sure that I'm WAY off - but hey - we'll see...

Until then - much love to you all! We are lovin' life up here - and it's complete non-stop action. Right now we are busy gearing up for grandma Horner's big departure this weekend (BOO!)... Grammie starts her new job at Munson on the 27th (YEAH!)... and Uncle Hans Aunt Jessie and baby Avery move up the road on November 1st!!!



Dana said...

It is definitely an eye-opener to actually see what getting out of the house looks like from a VEHICLE perspective. Holy moly. Can't imagine getting everyone fed, clean diapers and clean clothes to be able to go somewhere. Sure looks like you have it under control though! It's awesome that you are getting out with the babies. I know you are trying to give them a similar experience to what the boys had, and it is commendable! Did I mention how adorable they all are??

Dana M.

Kara said...

I was trying to figure out if you had 2 of the kids....I didn't know if you purchased a twin one. But you answered that. It must be so much fun running around with the entire gang. What a blessing to have such wonderful parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Ava just kissed the computer screen when she saw the pics of the babies. Soooo cute!! You are an inspiration. Miss all of you.

The Salladays

Missy H. said...

I finally figured out how to post on this thing....anyway, WOW!!!!! You think you understand chaos, and see this! It's great to see the Lewandowski family taking on Traverse City.

To what address should we send gifts?


Devereaux Quads said...

How many times have you heard "Wow, you've got your hands full!"...duh. Wait until they can sit up on their own...a great suggestion - take them to Sam's Club. Each shopping cart seats two babies so you can push one and so can your husband while your older two run around the store. This is what we do with our quads and let our older daughter tag along for introductions. It would be funny if we ran into each other, 11 kids between two families. They look great!

fern said...

1) SO IMPRESSED with your double Bjorning. I'd like a tutorial and you know loads of other twin-triplet-quad+ parents out there will too.

2) SO IMPRESSED that you are breastfeeding all four! Good for you!! I breastfed my twins in part because so many people told me I'd never be able to do it. It was a piece of cake, actually -- I was lucky. But I am proud of you!

Love your family!

The Golf Widow said...

It takes a village! You guys look great and the babies are just adorable. Congratulations! I can see the fun has already begun!Enjoy the up coming holiday season!