Friday, May 23, 2008

Blawg Hawg by Lew

Guess who's back, back again...

Note the time of this blog and then note the title...I told you all that she would go 'blawg wild'!

Man she is talking some heavy shat eh? Well, as a matter of fact, it is heavy shat man. But it's our life and we want you all to know that we love it!

First and foremost - a clarification: when Tonya says "Jeremy is going after whitey" in a blog, She does not mean that I have an ax, or a pitch fork, or some knumb chucks with my yin-yang bandana on...she means I am going ice fishing for whitefish. See the "20 Week Update by Lew" for more information on the benefits to mothers pregnant with higher order multiples in Finland or somewhere over there who consume alotoffish (foreshadowing)

And I have no idea what she was talking about when she said something about me driving home early from the UP?

Okay, I'll get serious now - thank you for your generous responses. We love you all.

My wife is awesome! Her belly looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! A week ago it was kinda big and now it's well, bigger. To me, she's getting close to being the equivalent size to the final day of pregnancy #1, which was I believe 35 and 1/2 weeks! Aiden and Caleb talk to The Quads, pray for The Quads, say goodnight to The Quads. We are just so happy and are so excited!

We have picked out names and we went over them today. Kinda sorta preliminary list dealio. I seem to have an upper hand at the moment (seriousness fading...). I do not wear the pants in this house, so the upper hand deal could change. But, I have formulated a baby naming plan and TONYA TOLD ME tonight that she could be talked into my plan! That would take the overall record to Tonya - 1,345 Lew - 4.

A piece to The Puzzle has fallen in place...but I have to get to bed, the TELEVISION CREW will be here tomorrow moring at stay tuned for updates!!!!!

Finally, I would like to let alotoflemons know that our prayers are with them. For those of you that just thought wtf is he talking about, see the foreshadowing note above. Anyway, a very kind woman commented to our blog the other day, last name - Lemonovich - pregnant with quads - hence - blog site: Brilliant! The Lemonovich family is in like the exact same deal as we are, damn near to the day. Carrie and John and their son Luke, we have a lot of people pulling for us. I'm pretty sure I can get a couple few extra prayers for you and your family and your quads by just saying "Do It" on this blog.

As serious as I get - Lemonovich Baby D is in our prayers. Carrie, it is readily apparent that you and John are very special. God knows what is best. God Bless your family.


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Burkett Quad Squad said...

praying for you guys! CONGRATS!! found your blog through the lemonovich's. GET READY for the ride of your life! We have 10 mos old quads 2g2b. IT's awesome!! if you want to find some other quad blogs i've got a few links posted on the side of our blog.

Let me know if i can help at all...