Friday, May 16, 2008

Week 20 Update by Lew

Please note, this was an e-mail sent by me (Lew) on May 9, 2008. Some dude named Stevo told me I should post it on the blog. Well, Imma feelin' bloggy tonight...

All -

I'm emailing for two reasons: 1) to update everyone on Tonya and The Quads as I know some have been inquiring and 2) to say thank you for your support.

We are currently at or near 20 weeks. Tonya is doing absolutely great, though she was sick as a dog last week. She graded herself at back to 100% on Sunday (May 4), which was a big relief as we were somewhat worried she wouldn't come out of it. She had an ultrasound appointment yesterday (May 8) and The Quads are perfect! (Please knock on wood).

To put things in perspective. We caught a show last night called Super Quads. The mother gave birth to identical quad girls at 30 weeks. The conception was natural - the odds on that are 1 in 11 million! I think we're only at like 1 in 6 or 8 million. Anyway, the heavyweight from that birth came in at an astounding 2 pounds 14 ounces with the lightweight coming in at an amazing 2 pounds 6 ounces. At 20 weeks (that's us now), the mother was the equivalent size of a typical single mother at full term (40 weeks)! I won't say how much weight Tonya has gained, but she looks great and her Dr's couldn't be any more ecstatic on how well she is doing! That mother wound up gaining 80+ pounds and the Dr's were worried about her health and that is why they chose to do the deed at 30 weeks. We will not be allowed to go past 32 weeks, which falls on August 4. To be able to get to 32 weeks would be a miracle to us. So, considering how Tonya currently looks, feels, acts, etc. we are so very lucky and continue to pray hard. That mother was on bed rest from 20 weeks. I think I would evolve into an ostrich if Tonya was on bedrest as of now - yeah dig hole, insert head....Currently, Tonya is showing no signs of requiring bed rest in the near future, though we are well aware that could change in the blink of an eye.

Basically from the start, The Quads sizes have all been darn near exact. As of last week (19ish weeks), The Quads were measuring approximately 7ish inches with an approximate weight of 9 ounces! Our BIG appointment at 16ish weeks indicated the brains, hearts, and spines are all perfect for each of The Quads. A huge burden was lifted off our backs at the conclusion of that appointment. Though again, we are well aware that could change in the blink of an eye.

A few weeks ago, I believe as result of Tonya being provided some information from someone that received this email, Tonya asked me to pick up some Flax Seed. Flax Seed I say, no problem. I have no idea what it's good for. So I'm at the pharmacy area at WalMart, next to the fish oil stuff, wondering why the heck she wants Flax Seed Oil? So I get it and she says wtf is this? Ummm, read the label T-? She says I wanted Flax Seed, not Flax Seed Oil. Well silly me. So she doesn't take any of it. So a couple weeks ago she sends me an email that indicates that mothers pregnant with higher order multiples in Finland or there abouts have the longest average gestational time in the WORLD due to a diet high in fish! Yeah, so the Flax Seed Oil was next to the fish oil so now who's laughing....Tonya is taking Omega-3s daily and she claims her skin has never been better (that's a hint ladies). I also require her to consume a glass of milk before bed as that really helps provide The Quads with essential go juice for growth over the course of the night.

So, that is a summary of where the pregnancy is currently at.

Things are a bit hectic at our house these days, I will spare the details, but wha!

Finally. I am going to keep this short, as I could go on and on and on and on....Thank all of you for all of your support. Tonya and I are blessed with the best group of friends in the WORLD. That comes from the bottom of our hearts. I don't know where to start. I don't know what to say. I don't know how to say it. But thank you for everything. It means more to my family than any of you will ever know. We have not been able to find words appropriate to describe our feelings. In so few of words, thank you. We love all of you and we are forever grateful for your support.

Also, an effort was put forth to get a website, complete with a blog, running for us (I think I'm there now?). With Tonya leaving work next week (that would be today!!!), she will be able to provide, I would imagine in thorough detail, updates of how the pregnancy is progressing. The blog will most likely be the best means of communicating with Tonya. I vow to make periodic blogs that will no doubt have nothing to do with anything other than me being a dork and saying stuff I shouldn't. That is evidenced by My First Blog...

But hey, I'm going to be a father of quads, so f-em all if they can't take a joke...

Your thoughts, prayers, kinds words, and unconditional friendships have overwhelmed us.

Lew, T, The Boys, and The Quads

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