Friday, May 16, 2008

Her Last Day by Lew

Tonya had her last day of work today. We are sad but I'm going to start pushing for dinners being ready when I get home from work. Oh, that's right, there's QUADRUPLETS cookin'...

Seriously though, no doubt T will post a blog about her day today. Tonya was impacted by many people that she worked with in many different ways and those same people were impacted by her in ways she will never know. That is the kind of person Tonya is and that is one of the many reasons why I am so proud to call her my wife and the mother of our children.

She said she got ice cream from Moomers at the going away party her work, Gosling Czubak, threw for her. Moomers is like the 4th best rated ice cream in the freakin' nation. I vote it #1 for the name! T is an ice cream freak for those not in the know. More importantly, ice cream before bed is a phenomenal way of getting essential nutrition to The Quads over the course of the night.

Seriously again, I was very sad for her today. She was sad, but at the same time, that new leaf is really starting to get close to turning over...

The good news is T will finally be able to start focusing on giving as much love to Aiden and Caleb as possible. Aiden and Caleb are a concern of ours when The Quads arrive and we are doing our best to prepare them for their arrival.

More good news is T will be able to 'really' focus on keeping those Quads comfy-cozy in "there". We really need them to want to stay in there (insert wishful prayer here). With the stress and pressure from work gone, she should be able to get into a Quad Cookin' Groove if you know what I mean?

Anyway, expect a flurry of belly photos and a whole lotta bloggin' from Tonya in the very near future!

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Steven said...

I see you guys have gone to town on the blog. Good for you!