Saturday, May 24, 2008

Powder & Makeup by Lew

Yeah so Tonya is famous...The boys and I, well we just escorted our sorry bums outside and rubbed dirt on our faces and peed in the yard while The Pregnant Princess got all the face time...

But you know what, she's hot, she's pretty, she's smart, she's cute, oh yeah, and she has FOUR BABIES IN HER BELLY!!!!!

There was a bit with Tonya being interviewed in our house. That was great for Toyna, she looked so hot on TV! There was s;do some neat footage of our family playing outside. Unfortunately, the bit of Aiden going yard, and Aiden swinging and missing and knocking himself upside the head with his bat were both overlooked!

Here's the deal - we don't want the press - at least that was my stance (Tonya 1, 346 Lew 4). But Tonya caved from talking to the only Mom that had Quads in Northern Michigan. Oh, I think I failed to mention she worked for.....7&4!

So, for those of you that are like us that do not watch the news because it is so gosh dang depressing...this was one cool story! I mean come on, like the cutest family ever, pregnant with quads, 4 year old on camera picking his nose...Priceless!!!!

Tonya update - Belly is confirmed as being big...and damn cute! To think back like just a couple weeks - good God man! It has become blatantly obvious to me that bed rest will happen, and it will be sooner than we expect. In fact, I am expecting some interesting news at our appointment this coming Wednesday with our specialist Dr. Jelsema...most likely a couple weeks? Daily observable growth is good, but at the same time, it is scary. Regardless, what is best for getting The Quads to 32 weeks is all that matters. Then again, Dr. Jelsema may just say what he's been saying: "Listen to your body."

So, Imma steal somma Tonya's fame here...We have Dr's appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday (as I indicated above) of this coming week. Tuesday will include an ultrasound and Wednesday will entail a meeting with Dr. Jelsema. This week is a big deal as The Quads are going on 'Roids next week. I tell ya, if these kids come out da' womb with Gotee's looking like Mr. Ed, Imma be a bit ticked off!

Steroids will be given to Tonya next week. For those not in the know....modern medicine is such that the steroids are for The Quads lungs. If a child or children is/are born before 23ish weeks, chances of survival are basically zero due to lack of lung development. However, should a child/children be born anytime after 23ish weeks, not withstanding other circumstances, their lungs are developed enough to allow modern medicine to assist with getting them to a point at which their lungs can eventually allow them to survive without assistance, God willing.

Again, heavy shat man.

I have some feelings about things that I am too afraid to talk about. They are good feelings. I hope God is feeling what I am feeling.

If you pray, or if you daydream and sometimes wish for good things for friends, family, etc., pray for our babies to handle the 'roids like it's no big thing...last thing we want is for a shot of juice to make The Quads want to get the f- outta Dodge...


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