Monday, August 4, 2008

4 Days Lew

4 days old and chugging away!

Tonya got released from the hospital today. That is both good and bad. It's good that she is doing good, physically. However, we both could not be any sadder leaving the hospital without our little ones. It was a very difficult good bye for me today. I took Aiden and Cale back to The Manor and Tonya is saying her goodbyes...

We have been told numerous times from the nurses that these first 10 days are crucial. We are seeing progress and regress on a daily basis.

All in all, I think The Three Amigos and The Pricess are doing good. Summer is getting too damn comfortable and sometimes forgets to breath...that got her back on some oxygen...silly little girl forgetting to breath like that.

Brock, my main temper tantrum throwing man, has himself on the Cpap! Brock has been improving since he was put on the Soothtilator and he continues to improve with the Cpap. By far the biggest menace for the nurses that Brock.

Tonya and I are starting to worry more and more about Cameron. The leaky valve is expected to fix itself, but his little noggin has us aching. Cam will be getting a second brain scan on Thursday or Friday. We are praying hard for progress.

Dane and Cam are neck and neck for 2nd place in The Biggest Temper Tantrum Race. Summer is just to high brow to stoop to such a level - atta girl!

The staff expects Dane's Holy Lung to fix itself. His latest chest x-rays indicate the hole is stable to shrinking.

The Three Amigos, and possibly Summer, get chest x-rays each morning. If warranted, additional x-rays are completed as needed. The x-rays are evaluated for lung development. The nurses do quite a bit of blood work, primarily to check oxygen levels. Due to the inability of their lungs to do a majority of the work on their own, monitoring the oxygen levels in their blood is essential to verify adequate levels are provided to their brains and elsewhere.

So, that's about all I have for now. Just not feeling real bloggy today.

Qauddy Daddy


Kara said...

Thank you so much for continuing to keep the world updated. I'll send some extra prayers the quads way!! I know it is difficult leaving them behind, but it sounds like they are in great hands!! Continue to take care of yourselves!!

Moni Graf said...

We're holding your babies in our hearts and minds. Lots of prayers for their health and growth (and everyone else's sanity). It's amazing how resilient those little boogers are. Especially with the help of their parents' strong wills and optimistic outlooks.

Hang in there!

Love from KS,

Heidi said...

Tonya and Jeremy-

Thanks for the updates, keep em coming. I overheard Hannah praying for you and the quads and that your house would sell etc etc.

I beleive it, I know it will all work out. Of course it will not be easy, because then it would not be so wonderful. Those babies are a constant reminder of God's power and his ability to make miracles.

the Schramskis

Dana said...

I have heard that there are many ups and downs with all preemies--but these kids are tough like their parents! And they have prayers surrounding them from around the world. So glad they are in good hands and so thankful that we continue to hear about the journey.
Love from LA,

KSDallas said...

Thank you for sharing some of these difficult moments. I know they aren't easy but from a lurker's point of view - it makes us feel closer to you.

Our hearts and prayers are with you all.