Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Back....by Lew

So, as you all are aware, we haven't been too bloggy lately. Sorry, life has been pretty much a whirlwind for the past week or so.

The Quads are growing! When I walked into the NICU last night Dane was walking around drinking coffee, he said if he's going to get caffeine, he wants to drink it, not have it shot through his nose! Cameron was carrying Brocks legs while he was doing his best impression of a preemie wheelbarrow! Summer was jumping from isolette isolette practicing gymnastics - she said the olympics have given her motivation! It was just nuts and the nurses were all sitting around laughing!

For real though, The Quads got moved to another quadrant in the NICU. It is much more intimate, they are closer together, and it is out of the higher traffic areas so it is quieter. We are very pleased for the move.

Dane and Cameron are locked in a serious battle for the heavyweight title. Dane still holds a slight edge and they are both weighing over 3.5 pounds! Brock is making his case to get involved in the competition as well and little Summer is nearing the 3 pound mark.

Summer, Brock, and Cameron are on-again off-again with their nasal canyall things. Oxygen that is added is minimal, but they just can't quite do it completely on their own yet. They try, but just get to darn tired.

They all seem to poop a lot. The nurses say that is good. But I'll tell you, imagine sleeping in a clear box with walls like a foot away from your body with minimal ventilation after a night of consuming a couple few PBRs- yeah! You get a wiff of stink when you open their isolettes and then it's apparent why they can't keep their oxygen levels up or breath easy on their own!

So, all in all, The Quads are doing just as good as they were since the last post. Cameron's issues with his brain remain under close watch. We really won't know much about anything with regard to that until additional ultra sounds or an MRI is completed. I don't recall when the next round of either of those will occur.

Our absence from the blogosphere is a culmination of being on our own with Aiden and Cale and having a family event this past weekend. Life has been pretty hectic, and we can only imagine that this state of hecticness is just the tip of the iceberg....

There was a commercial promoting the golf outing on WTCM, a Traverse City country music station...my coworker informed me of that this morning. Crazy people you!

There should be an article in The Record Eagle this Thursday summarizing our escapades!

To summarize how Tonya and I are doing - we are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed...again. The reality of The Quads coming home soon has created a sense of urgency, especially with me. Tonya will be following up on some "calls for help" that she initiated.

This is what I have to offer:

If there are any kind ladies or gents out there in the Traverse City Area that would love to spend time with two extremely well behaved boys (2 and 4 years old), a wonderful, chatty mom, and four beautiful babies that never cry, and me, you can contact me. Feel free to spread the word if you know someone that would be interested. I think if you write a response to the blog I can email you back from our blog email, provided you have a yahoo or blog email?

Fun stuff we will be looking into in the very near future is a new vehicle. So anyone out there that knows of a vehicle that could accomodate our family, let me know...

Also, the plans for us at the cottage are somewhat up in the air. We were there this past weekend and the boys love it. I kind of jumped the gun on when we might get over there. We will probably continue at The Manor until all the quads are released. The ease of walking to the hospital out weighs the luxury of the cottage. Again, Julie and family and Chuck and Suzy, you are the best!

Our family is looking forward to seeing ya'll soon. There is a chance that we may have a little one or more tagging along with us at the golf outing....

As always, thank you all for your support!

The Lewandowski Family


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see a new update. Good to hear that Summer, Brock, Cameron, and Dane are doing so well. At this rate it won't be long before they are home. I guess that's both bad and good news. If you think things are crazy now ...

Really, thanks for updating us out here in blogland. I appreciate it.

Dana said...

So happy to see that the babies are coming right along. Can't wait to see some new pictures of the little angels!
Dana M.

Corinna said...

Hi there,

We've been watching your blog and I've posted a couple times. It's great to hear the babies are doing so well! We will be heading to Williamsburg this Thursday, and would be more than willing to help with anything you need in the next week or so (we head home 9/2). Hopefully you can respond to this post. If not, we'll try to contact the Munson NICU staff later this week.

Hopefully you'll be overrun with offers of help from locals with the Record Eagle article on Thursday!

Take care,

Corinna (Philip and Clara) Wells
MTU 2000

Moni Graf said...

It IS crazy, hectic and wonderful - and it will only get moreso. BUT, you will find your groove and it'll get easier (especially once you get to move into the Cottage and have a more "normal" life).

Glad to hear everyone's truckin' along like they should. Hope you had a good time at the family event.

I think I remember reading that Tonya was going to be pumping/nursing....Just wondering how all that is going. I finally just stopped and blogged all about it. Nothing like reading about someone else's hooters!

Good luck with finding helpers in your area. We've been so fortunate with our family and friends who've helped us and continue to do so. I hope you meet alot of good people who become like family to you.

Until next time.....
Love from KS,

Anonymous said...

Tanya, Jeremy and family!

I've been reading along too but not posting. Don't be waiting a week again to post a new entry dude!

When do you need help with the boys? It may not work out this week, but next week or even when school is back in session since my three "big boys" will be back.

We are only ten minutes away from the Manor and live one mile from Moomers (smile) and have a new puppy :) Sooooo, if you need someone for only a few hours sometime too- that might work out as well :)

Tanya should have my email already or she can get it from Kevin thru work.

Julie Ringwelski said...

Oops- didn't mean to post anonymously!

Kara said...

I am so glad that all is going well with the quads. I can only assume that the thought of the 4 precious additions coming home can be a bit overwhelming...a lot to plan for. But you all are amazing parents and God will help you along the way. Keep the faith!!

Jutta, Germany said...

Happy 3-weeks Birthday.

Jutta, Germany

Gerri said...

From the "grammie" of twin girls, all I can say is hold on to your hats.....it gets better & crazier, and better & crazier, and better & crazier....but the love generated is awesome...and you will have twice as much and even more with caleb & aiden

Anonymous said...

Check it out