Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bring on the World by Lew

Bring on the world! That is what The Quads yelled this morning once Cam got his Cpap off.

Bring it on!

I just walked out of Munson - with a smile on my face that went from ear to ear, and I gave a little fist pump. Just a little one, I'm a bit reserved...but I wanted to throw both hands up in the air, fists clenched, and just scream.

Our quads, 1 week old today (for those of you that just tuned in), are doing awesome!

The Quads reached the first peak. They had a few stumbles and setbacks along the way, but they persevered, and together they fed off each others will to conquer and got to the top of that first peak - together. Now they have a steady ascent on their way to the Summit, and they have each other for support. Now doubt there will be a few stumbles or setbacks along this stretch. But that Summit is looks like pie from here....the Summit being their release from the hospital.

What a sight it was to be able to go from hut to hut and look at each of their beautiful faces.

Here is a summary of our meeting. The meeting basically consisted of a sit down session with The Quads Doc (Dr. St. Charles), his resident (not sure of his name), Steve who is an awesome dude that has been keeping a watchful eye over The Quads, the lactation lady who Tonya shot some milk at (yeah, we definitely don't need any recommendations from her...Mrs. Moomer has a huge bank going), and two other ladies that I'm not sure what they do but they are nice. All the news was good to great:

All of The Quads are increasing on their feedings. Brock is the only one that is at his maximum which is why his IV is out. Brocks lungs are coming along, still a bit to go. His lungs were the most premature of The Quads. Everyone but Summer is on the nasal prong thing and are getting anywhere from 40 to 50 percent oxygen which amounts to breathing air with oxygen content on the order of 26 percent or so. If that doesn't make sense, sorry, all these acronyms, meds, supplements and what not are tough to keep track of for an amateur. Summer is completely breathing on her own! Summer has probably about a week to just under a week left on the IV and antibiotics from her infection (some sort of Staff Homono ordeal, again pardon the incompetence there). Dane is a pig of an eater but he has to stay on the IV for a couple days or so. He had some goofy platelet numbers and is on some anitbiotics like Summer. Also, the hole in Danes lung may or may not have been a hole and it may or may not have been some minor pneumonia. Regardless, he beat that issue down. Overall, Dane is probably doing the best of The Quads, which is unique in that he was Baby D or Baby 4, and typically the further down the line you go the more susceptible to issues the baby is.

It appears that Cam fixed his leaky valve and his slightly enlarged ventricles did not increase from the previous scan. The cyst is nothing to worry about. That is a quote. The enlarged ventricles are not a sign of hydrocephalus. We are very familiar with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus originates from bleeding/clotting in the brain which results in a lack of fluid circulation and ultimately leads to severe conditions/abnormalities. There is no evidence of current or previous bleeding/clotting in Cams brain. That is very good news. The ventricles may not be circulating fluid as they should, most likely attributed to some degree of prematurity, and the doctors expect over the course of the next week or so that we should see the size of the ventricles approach normal. Should is the key word. Cam is not in the clear, but he, like his brothers and sister, is a fighter.

I had my first sit down talk with Cameron last night. I told Cameron I was there with him and that I will be there with him every step of the way. I gave Cameron a pep talk. I told Cameron to dig deep, to keep fighting, and to keep his chin up. Cameron responded by squeezing my finger. Cameron fixed his leaky valve. Cameron will get those ventricles in order.

This first week grueling, but The Quads did it and Tonya and I hung in there. You just can't imagine the relief we felt after that meeting today.

We received a very nice card(s) today from some friends. It brought some emotions out. There were some very sincere statements in the card. The card was dated August 4th. The card finished with a statement that said I hope or I am sure that Cameron and Dane will be better by the time you get this card. Cameron and Dane are better since August 4th. All of The Quads are better since August 4th.

We can't thank everyone enough for everything. We are so thankful for so many things since we informed all of our family and friends of the pregnancy. This event has changed Tonya and me in so many ways. We are so thankful that we were chosen to command such a life changing event. We knew that we could handle this, from the moment we first found out. A doubt or two lingered, but only for a moment. We love our children. I have said this before, this pregnancy has opened our eyes, especially mine, to so many different things. I truly have a new appreciation for life. We are honored to have been able to welcome so many different people to our situation. We know that we have had a positive influence on people that may not have had an appreciation for life like they should have. All of this, this pregnancy, the warmth and kindness of family, friends, and strangers, it just makes you appreciate what you have, and makes you appreciate what others don't have. Love is a powerful thing. We love to love and so should everyone else.

I need a beer.

Party on,


Anonymous said...

Wow! What great news! We have an awesome God and He has heard and answered our prayers! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to read the news that you are taking those babies home! We will continue to lift your family up in our prayers. God Bless!

Ron and Carol Salladay

Dana said...

Fantastic news--how wonderful! Those tough little ones are going to continue to amaze us all. Hopefully ya'll can rest a little sounder tonight.
Dana M.

Jayme said...


Andria said...

Love your style of writing. Very coherent as well!

Grow babies, grow!

Gabrielle said...

Wonderful news!!!
You and Tonya are doing an amazing job!!! Your love makes them stronger everyday!! :)
Always thinking of you,
Gabrielle,Ryan,Owen & Emerson

Jutta, Germany said...

Happy 1 week Birthday. Hope they are doing even better tonight.(I am 6 hrs ahead of you guys)

What a great accomplishment your babies have made in just a week!

I'll continue to keep you in my prayers

Jutta, Germany

gerri said...

thank you God!

Kara said...

Great news!! I am so glad that they are doing so well. Also, I wanted to tell Tonya that her posts (a few down) was so moving. Thank you for sharing so many thoughts and events from your lives. You are amazing people and God chose you both for this journey!!

Many prayers coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Dana S.

KSDallas said...

You deserve a beer after the week you have had!

Great to hear everyone is doing better!

Tammy said...

Somehow stumbled onto your blog and now I'm praying for your sweet family.