Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time, hmmm, where does it go? by Lew

So, most everyone in the blogosphere would agree that kids make time go by faster. That's a given. So what does 4 at once do to time? Does it go by 4 times as fast? And how does that make a single day feel with respect to time? Beer anyone?

Yeah, time is of the essence lately.

But, I'm hear to let The Quad Fan Base know the following:

1) Dane took it back...Cam had it for one day.
2) Summer is very cute...but I think Dane might be cuter.
3) Cameron has a normal brain. That's huge - huger than huge. Down to one cyst that's basically nothing and the last brain scan measurements of his ventricle are normal! If you can picture me, picture me doing a Tiger Woods fist pump baby!
4) 3 Quads have breeched the 4 pound barrier!
5) Cameron is off the O2 - uhha, uhhhhha! Summer is trying hard, but it will take a bit longer. Brock likes it too much. In fact, he talks like he just huffed helium - so I don't blame him for wanting to stay on the sauce a bit longer.

The most important thing about the above summary is the fact that Tonya Lewandowski gave birth to quadruplets, all of which appear to be completely least to this point. Normal as in we were so freaked out about all the numbers, percentages, likelihoods, etc. and here we are - blessed as blessed can be blessed!

Oh yeah, by the way - ONE MONTH OLD TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I know is that there are a lot of people that we need to thank. Four normal babies! Freekin' unbelievable! And they are all so cute...just like their mother....No doubt all the people in our corner helped immensely. You people are very good people. People that should be recognized for doing good. You people are a dime a dozen in modern society. Real good people that our family loves.

So when I'm on the road and I see a vehicle with 2 adult bikes and 1 bike with training wheels, I can't help but think how cool our van with flames on the hood will look when we have our bikes, aiden and cale's bikes, and 4 bikes with training wheels!

Speaking of training wheels, Aiden need no stinkin' training wheels! He dominates. He should, he's over 4 years old but considering the circumstances, and where our house is, he's on par. I think he's got it. It as in not everyone has it. Like he should be good at stuff because he has it. I hope I'm right. Aiden is cool like a cat and seems to have some good skills. Dad has high expectations for Aiden.

We attempted to get Aiden and Cale on our schedule at the hospital but it's just too much to ask of them. We'll probably go for an every 3 days or so deal with them and visiting. It's tough, they want to go. But cripe, just a lot to ask of them when were there.

I'm pooped,
Peace Out -


Gsbrielle said...

Happy one month Dane, Summer, Broke and Cameron!!! Love the update!
Love, your cousin Gabrielle :)

Jutta, Germany said...

Happy 4 weeks Birthday. And congrats on the 4 pounder.

Jutta, Germany

Andria said...

Love such great news. I LOVE how you, as a man, use the term "CUTE" and use it correctly!! I love how you express such happiness in your relationship with your wife, mother to your quads, and I love how you've created such memories in this blog for your children.

Way to go! Way to grow!

From Sacramento,

Kara said...

Happy one month!! It is amazing how time goes by so fast and I am sure it is going by even faster for you all. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Babies! I knew Cameron would be fine. Glad to hear all is well. All our love.

The Salladays

Cair said...

I'm pretty sure there is some Lew formula hiding in figuring out the effect of quads on the passage of time. You shouldn't even need beer to figure it out.

Glad to hear that my favorite Summer, Brock, Cameron and Dane are doing so well. They sound incredible. Happy month b-day guys.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to hear that all the babies are doing so great! A friend of mine that is golfing in the Lew Open had a baby girl in June and she was a preemie. She wanted me to ask if you guys still needed girl preemie & 0-3 clothes. Call me and let me know.

Stephanie Endres