Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reaquainted by Lew

The Place: NICU - Munson Hospital

The Time: ~11:30 pm and ~midnight

The Scene: Not a person in the NICU except for nursing staff and The Quad Mom and Dad, of course a bunch of babies as well. Why was it good that no one else was there? Quad Dad had his shirt off! No, he was not showing his boys how to flex! He was preparing for....


Cameron and Dane were reaquainted on Dad's chest last night. Summer and Brock were reaquainted on Mom's chest last night. It was the perfect night. It was just perfect, absolutely no other way to describe it. And it turns out the nurses that coordinated it probably got reprimanded today. But they know. They saw the babies. What the nurses saw was something you can't describe. The doctor may not know, but they know what that meant to not only us, but to our babies. The first real touch from mom an dad. Each one was so content to be with their brother or sister and their mom or their dad. You could feel it. That is so important. That was so important. Barely an alarm went off. Which was better than how they were doing in their huts prior.

Thank you nurses, that was a moment!

Well, no real news to report other than how awesome the quads are doing. The Quads are just plugging along. Honestly, things could not be any better. Really, they are just so perfect.

Thanks ya'll,


Morgan said...

Maybe they just needed the human touch and togetherness feeling. Good luck and god Bless.

Gabrielle said...

That truly is a precious memory!
Love, Gabrielle

Jutta, Germany said...

It sounds like the babies are doing very good so far!
I will pray for you and your little miracles!

Jutta, Germany

gerri said...

How awesome! The human & dad....babies....

Dana said...

Awwww....that is awesome. It seems crazy to me that such events are not part of the overall protocol. Isn't there a ton of research on the benefits of human touch? Anyway, glad you had such precious moments with the babies. Sounds like it was fantastic for them too!
Dana M.

Kara said...

I am so happy for you both that you were able to spend that quality time with your little ones.
Praying that the miracles continue to do so well!!

Michelle said...

Just a thought, but I think you guys should write a book someday. Each day I have tears in my eyes when I read about your experiences, and the faith you carry. I think you have a lot to offer... A book written by husband/wife, parents, faithful followers, and a real-life team. I would buy it!

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better back when you were the oozeball queen, Tonya! I missed out!

With admiration and prayers!
Michelle (Chenail) VanLangevelde
MTU '98