Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quadtastic by Lew

Thanks to Webmasta Nate for getting the website back in order!

So yeah that was some other dude with a hairy chest holding our babies, wasnt't me...

Vanessa left out the funny part of that story. Actually, Dane is on the right and Cameron is on the left in the photo with the hairy-chested dude. So, the funniest part of that photo is kind of telling. When you look closely at Dane, you can see he kind of has a little smirk. He's smirking because we were all laughing at him. He just got done singing this:

I'm to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! He was singing it to me and I think it was because the hair scratching his face kind of hurt? After that, he asked why he got sent to the zoo to be held by a chimp?

By any means, for those that aren't quite in-the-know, kangaroo care is a term that my wife and the nurses use. I want a kangaroo. I like kangaroos. I like how they hop. I like they're tails. I like how they are good boxers? But mostly, I like that they care for their new borns so well that humans, humans, have named the care that is of utmost importance to new borns after the kangaroo. Skin to win baby!

Quads were given a best estimate of being released from the hospital on September 11 - or 3 weeks from today. They were all pretty damn excited to be able to golf in the outing - they were arguing over who golfs with who and who gets to drive the cart and what not.

So, if indeed they do get released before September 13, those that will be in attendance at the golf outing may just get a chance to meet The Quads....again though, things could change.

Had our week 3 meeting today with Munson staff. Dr. St. Charles really made me smile when he said they are all doing so well! Dane is great. Summer is good. Cameron is good and issues associated with his brain don't appear to be much of an issue anymore. He gets an ultrasound of his noggin on Monday which will hopefully depict continued progress towards normal measurements. Brock is up and down on his oxygen and apnia. Him and Dane were off the caffeine and then Brock got a hefty dose tonight after he made the nurse sprint over to remind him to breath and make his heart beat. Just another night in the NICU! Summer is really trying her best to fit in with the boys - she has thunderous releases of gas! Dane will probably be at 4 pounds tomorrow or for sure Saturday! 4 pounds never looked so big, or so little! Everyone else is playing catchup with Dane-O!

Funny - the Bellaire paper, The Antrim Review, called today. They said they need some photos for a story. Also mentioned that the ones in the Record Eagle are "to graphic for us" - Funny!

So, our routine for the next few weeks will probably include spending Monday through Thursday afternoon at The Manor and then head over to the cottage for the remainder of the week until The Quads are released. Seems to work out better for our family that way.

Tonya is doing great and will be trying to get a posting up soon. She's awesome with this milk stuff! I mean, she's like a factory man! Also, please refrain from asking her when the baby is due - pisses me off more than her. Yeah, believe it, people ask her that! I think the next time someone asks her that I'm gonna go thunderous like Summer on their hand! You just don't ask if you're not sure and if you do ask and you get the response that Tonya gives, go the extra mile of being kind enough to say how great she looks and what not. Shit is still out of whack inside her and she has a cute little paunch. Might take a bit for her body to get back to normal. Regardless, she is doing great!

We are starting a search for a new vehicle. If anyone has any contacts for a pimped out bus, preferrably with flames on the hood, please let me know!

Alright, enough's enough, I gotta go to bed.

Thank you all for doing what you all do.

Special thanks to our down state friends of my side. There was a delivery made to The Manor today. Jen Kosakowski instigated a collection and she delivered on it big time! Thank you all for looking out for those that are not as fortunate as our families and for looking out for those that are going through tough times. I was talking with Brian, the manager of The Manor, yesterday and I called it home. That was how it came out. It was weird, but I said it. He said some nice things about our family. The coolest was when he said he would like to clone us for when we leave! Funny, but it meant a lot! There is no doubt in my mind that Brian and the rest of his staff are so extremely greatful for the kindness that was brought to The Manor today by the donations!

Thank you,
Right Said Lew


Dana said...

Wow--things continue to progress so well! That is awesome. We need to see this picture you mention. Sounds like a keeper. Wish I was closer and could lend a helping hand with your crew....
Love and prayers,
Dana M.

Gabrielle said...

awesome update!! Thats great about the release date!! As always glad to hear everyone is doing so wonderful!!
Thinking of you
Love, your cousin Gabrielle :)

Melinda Ann said...

WOW! I am so happy that my husband let me know about your fabulous family! I would love to help! Seem weird because you don't know me?
haha I will email you. :-D

Melinda Ann said...
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Anonymous said...

To see the "hairy beast"

Andria said...

Love your writing style. Dane's name seems to fit him perfectly. Seem unreal that they'll be home in 3 weeks! Such wonderful news from the Dr. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

My stepdaughter meranda is a friend of Tonyas. We lost ourson Dane last year in a Bicycle accident.Since your Dane has been bork I have been pouring all of my prayers into the health of your children. I would have loved to have a family as big as yours. You are truly blessed with these children.

Anonymous said...

sounds great! when's the next update?