Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy, Happy by Lew

These kids, I tell ya', they are gonna push their parents to the limit!

So we leave the hospital last night all shook up. Summer is sick and probably doing the worst of The Quads, Brock is fussing and trying to rip out any tube or wire he can get his hands on, Cam is fidgety and fussy and has us worried in general, and then there's Dane. Dane-O. Laying on his back sawing logs with not a worry in the world. Dane-O. Pushing the "Feed Me Now Button". Dane-O. Sawing logs with his mouth wide open! It never fails, at least one of these little buggers is doing something that makes us laugh.

I just left the hospital, and dammit, all four of those little buggers are doing good. All four made Tonya and I laugh. All four are doing better than when we left last night, and when I saw them this morning! What a difference a blood transfusion and some lipids makes. I don't know what any of that shit is or means, but The Quads sure seem to love that stuff! Just kidding, I know Summer got a blood transfusion to get her platelets up and lipids are broken down fats and what not that get to the kids through their UVCs...

I have learned so much about myself (and doctor talk), my wife, and how strong a 2 to 3 pound person is in these past few days. Mostly, you need to take this NICU ride one day at a time. Well, maybe only one half day or less at a time. One moment, they all look like they are struggling. The next moment, alls well in the world of laying on your back OR belly and whining whenver you are hungry...and vice versa.

Also, Cams little noggin has been consistent with measurements and they put a different Cpap harness on and his little noggin just looks better. That is all we have to go on right now with Cam. So we will use that as a positive.

One thing is for sure, Dane-O looks like he is growing. Oh yeah, and Summer, Brock and Cam are all nice and tan after being under the tanning light for a day (jahndus/billy rubin stuff, however you spell those things). I couldn't tell for sure, but I think they have coon eyes from the foam shades they had to wear!

All in all, Tonya and I couldn't be any happier right now! But, we are not getting too happy as we have seen first hand that things can change at the drop of a dime...

Now we just need to get our schedules adjusted to balancing the wild banches at The Manor and the little munchkins in the NICU! Tonya's mom is back at The Manor, continuing to sacrifice her life for us. Again, speechless.

I think Aidens prayers and Meadows oversight is really helping The Quads dig deep. That, in addition with all of your prayers, thoughts, and words of encouragement.

Some final thoughts. I seem to be starting to compare the past few days in the NICU to football. Not sure why, probably something to do with how I played it and how much I love it. But, life in the NICU is like football. You have to pick yourself up, put the last play behind you, get back in the huddle, and get ready for the next play. The Quads are doing just that. They are making their dad proud.

I also have found myself coming up with thought-provoking statements, for instance:

If you don't have faith, then when you are dead you are dead.

That is deep. I mean real deep. Tonya and I have never had so much faith. Seeing our little ones struggling for life makes you think about things that you don't like to think about, and things that you don't want to think about.

Thank you all for all of the encouraging thoughts and words - you are all helping us through this wonderful ride!

Also, the staff at Munson, they are keeping our kids alive. How do you thank someone for that. We owe the staff at Munson so much. Thank you.

Peace out,


Brooks Family said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers! Sounds like these kids are going to have one heck of a story to tell one day - and you and Tonya should write a book...in your spare time :)

Love the updates - we are pulling for you in Illinois!

-Rob & Melissa Brooks (and Justin too!)
MTU Alum

Anonymous said...

Pick up the fumble, and then rumble and tumble for TD... MORE HAPPY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS COMING YOUR WAY FROM A MTU FOOTBALL BUDDY

Anonymous said...

Your stories of the NICU bring back many memories. Keep positive thoughts through the challenges and enjoy the progress each baby makes. They will make you so proud with how strong they can be. It's amazing what your babies will accomplish during their NICU stay. You're all in our thoughts and prayers!

Bob, Katie & Avery Verschaeve

Lauryn Alger said...

Hi guys!

I was just thinking that you should have had your babies yesterday (if all went as planned, turns out I'm a week late ;]) and my mom found your site! Im so happy to hear everything went well. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers, hopefully I will be able to see you all sometime soon!


Jutta, Germany said...

Continue sending lots of prayers for you and your little ones. Praying for ounces and ounces of grow, lung maturity, low bilirubin and lots of kangarootime for mommy and daddy

Jutta, Germany

Tubre Quads said...

Doing great mom, dad and babies. Hope things climb to an all time high and stay there.

Love from LA,

Andria said...

Great post! Great moments to put down in the baby books. I can see the faith through you and your family.

What a ride.

Sending thoughts and prayers from Sacramento.