Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy by Lew

It makes it soooo much easier to leave the babies when they are all doing so well and are so content!

Summer has rebounded! Thank you Munson nurses for your loving touch. Seeing the nurses treat Summer as they did was amazing. Nurses were calling in when they were off to see how she was doing, just amazing! Treating her as if she was their own. Thank you, we can't ask for any more than that. It means more than you can imagine.

Summer, Brock, and Dane are off the Cpaps - Cameron is still huffing on his.

Brock has his Cpap off and also has his IV out. No, he didn't rip them out, he just doesn't need that crap anymore! It is so nice to see his beautiful face! But boy, when he gets pissed, look out!

Cameron, our little Cameron. Taking his sweet old time with this breathing thing. I think Cameron might be our lazy one? Just really seems to like to have that extra bit of oxygen. Maybe his is like candy flavored or something. The Cpap could come off tomorrow, possibly a day longer. Cam and Summer had their noggins scanned today. We have yet to find out why Summer got scanned. The size of Cams ventricle has remained constant. That is good. Haven't heard any word on the cyst.

Dane-O. Though he is the little brother, he seems to be the watch dawg of the litter. Tonight he was sleeping pretty close to the side of his hut, as though he was trying to keep an eye on his siblings. He did have his eyes open for a bit tonight. Dane is cool. I think he'll be the lady killer of the group.

So, Tonya and I have our first staff meeting tomorrow. We are excited. Mostly because the kids are doing so well, which suggests the meeting should have mostly positive topics. But also because we will be able to sit down and talk with the doctors and whoever else in an environment outside of the NICU.

Again, we aren't getting too up - we are sort of riding a good wave right now, if you will. We are well aware that something could take a turn for the worse, but damn, they all look great right now!

We should be able to provide a pretty informative blog update tomorrow, time permitted.

Alright, bedtime, goodnight.



l e a h said...

Wow...hoping and praying all goes well for you and your brood.

Love and best wishes to Cameron, Dane, Brock, and Summer...

Carol said...


I'm so happy to hear that the bambino's are in a good place now. Here's to hoping they stay there.

MrsNanP said...

I'm lovin' what I've just read!! As always, you guys are in our thoughts & prayers....


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you title the topics so appropriately. That way I know if I should read when I'm by myself with a box of tissue or not. I'm so glad yesterday was a good day for your family and I hope today is even better.

You and all your kids are in our prayers daily!

The Endres Tribe

jaymeachatz said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy....what a great feeling! We're praying this continues...

I know everyone's saying it, but I have to say it again - Thanks for such great updates...

I have to make special time to read them b/c I end up looking like Tea Leoni in Spanglish:) I can't wait to hear the update from today's staff meeting. Good Luck!