Monday, August 11, 2008

Whirlwind by Lew

It is becoming readily apparent that 24 hours is not enough time in a day for The Lewandowski Family!

I think we might need to hire an agent. I have designated Aiden as the voice of the family. Aiden is The Agent. Please direct all public relations requests to Aiden. He has a cell phone, but it is not activated - he's old school, said he only carries it for show. Aiden is interested in sports, he especially likes to play rough and tackle other people or kids, he will mix it up with toddlers or adults alike - he said he fears no one, he has a strong affection for construction trucks and equipment, he speaks very well for a four year old, he can count to 20, and he can hit the snot out of a baseball and he said he doesn't need no stinkin' tee! He doesn't have a PDA, said he keeps it all in his head.

There is some breaking news on the front for The Lewandowski Family - but I have to be short here - again, not enough time in a day. Hopefully we can find some time to sit down and post photos and fill everyone in detail on the progression of things.

We will be moving from The Manor to a cottage on East Bay. The Konieczny Family - we just don't know what to say. Thank you Suzie, Chuck, Julie and the rest! Speechless.

The people at The Manor haven't been made aware of this yet, and we will probably shed a tear when we leave. The people that work and volunteer at The Manor are special, very special people and they will always be remembered by Tonya, Aiden, Caleb, and me.

The Post Family, The Wickstrom Family, The Moeke Family and The Schumaker's, and The Endres Family - Thank you. You made a difference in our life this past week.

Update on The Quads: They are awesome!

So we think Dane-O is destined to be a class clown type of kid. Perma grin with a huge smile that is all gums!

Dane-O and Brock are off their nasal canyal things and Summer and Cam should be off within a day. Dane has actually been off his for a few days now and Brock got off his this morning.

I think they are all on full feeds with the possible exception of Summer. Full feeds meaning they all get like 26 mL's of breast milk, dispersed directly to their bellies over the course of about a half an hour, 8 times per day. Yeah, that's like 2 big gulps of milk for us!

If Summer's last blood draw was negative from the organisms that were creeping around in her blood, they will take her IV thing off, that as of last night, was stuck in her head! Poor thing. It should be off today.

Now that The Quads are out of the critical stage, we can hold them more. So I take my shirt off and do a quick "Truffle Shuffle" and we fall asleep with babies laying on us. It's awesome. They just lay there and love life and we lay there and love them.

Anyhow, a little birdy told me you might want to get a copy of the August 21st edition of The Record Eagle...might be something in the Well Being section about some crazy family that recently gave birth to quads...

Little Birdy Lew


Troy and Jen said...

We are so happy for you guys, before you know it youll be trying to feed all 4 of them with bottles AT THE SAME TIME!

Troy and Jen Richard
Jas and Jonahs mom and dad

KSDallas said...

Glad to hear things are continuing to progress with the kiddos.

When you find that you have nothing better to do (ha ha) - pictures would be really nice. Especially since we will be able to see their faces without all of the tubes, etc. Just when you can.

Good luck on the new living situation, too!

Gabrielle said...

Great to hear Dane, Summer, Brock and Cameron are doing wonderful!!! :)
Love, your cousin Gabrielle :)