Saturday, August 2, 2008

Healthy Hearts!

Wow, great nights sleep for both of us! Emotion makes you tired!

So we got into the NICU around 8ish this morning and The Quads were getting the scans completed on their little noggins! Haven't heard from anyone regarding results, but Dr. St. Charles did not expect any anomalies. I'll follow up with that when we get word.

Brock had a rough night. He seems to get rather worked up if he needs to be moved or poked for blood. I guess I would too...

Summer continues to amaze and Cam and Dane are chugging along.

The doctors decided to complete the cardio echograms on all three boys. How can we not start calling The Quad Boys The Three Amigos?! I love it!

Could Brock possibly be the amigo the healthiest heart? That's what the preliminary echo results suggest! Gosh dang trouble maker! Dr. Schneider, the Neonatal Cardiologist from Spectrum will be looking over the results today. The "Echo Marathoner" from Munson, Kelly, did a fabulous job with all the boys. She was on the clock due to the length of available tape at Spectrum, and she did a wonderful job with time to spare. Most importantly, The Three Amigos remained cool, calm, and relatively collected which enabled her to do her job well. Prelim suggests Cam has a small PDA. Don't recall what the doctor terms for the acronym are, but I call it a leaky valve. Dr. Schneider will make a decision on whether or not to let Cam close that valve on his own or provide some assistance with medicine.

They threw some other acronyms around, but this brought tears to our eyes: Dr. Schneider asked Kelly if there were any abnormalities, Kelly said No. Dr. Schneider asked is the hearts appeared normal. Kelly said Yes. Tears, relief, a couple huge ass sighs, and then smiles!

I think what we are looking at is some little ones that need some TLC to help them get their acts together. Summer continues to lead by example, she just needs to pull her brothers on board.

Let it flow! Tonya seems to have struck liquid gold! That is such good news and such a relief. These babies need breast milk, and we are so fortunate to have Mrs. Moomer back in the saddle!

Brock remains on the Soothtilator and Cam and Dane have their Cpaps going. I know we have an angel helping us. The Three Amigos will pull through.

We can't wait to be able to hold them! Dane had a white-knuckled grip on my finger during his heart scan - it was so cute. They all grab and hold your finger as soon as your finger touches their hand. It totally melts you and makes you want to cry.

So, I want to talk about some stuff. I need to chat with Tonya first before I go over the top. I would like to go "in depth" on what we are going through. Seeing your children as The Quads are now is extremely difficult. Thinking about significant issues that could arise with one or more is even more difficult. We can handle this, not everyone can. We, as in our whole family, are being pushed to our limits, but we are hanging tough. The Quads are way tougher than the rest of us, by far. There are so many more factors that need to be considered before someone just jumps into fertility treatments. Factors that aren't really brought to your attention. I'm telling you, seeing your children as The Quads are now is not for everyone. This experience is eye opening. What I mean by that is it has made me look at a controversial "topic" from different angles, or all sides. The topic is fertility treatments, it's presence in our society, how the church feels about it, why we do it, to name a few. But, I'm going to pull the reins in until I talk more with Tonya. But I seriously want to go nuts with this. We made a decision and I will punch anyone in the face if they call us out for any decision we made.

Anyway, sorry about that, must just be the most popular question that is posed to us has finally caught up with me. I know it caught up with Tonya awhile back, but now I have the bug and the bug is bugging me.

We aren't sure when Tonya will be released from the hospital. There was talk of possibly tomorrow, but it seems like Monday would be more likely.

Again, thank you all for your postings, phone calls, emails, etc. that include nothing but the nicest comments to our family- it all means so much to us.

Summer is so cute, I mean she is just so cute!

Lastly, I Love Munson! The Quads are in good hands. Heck, I get all choked up trying to explain how amazing the birth was, the organized chaos, it tears me up. The nurses that are caring for The Quads, I start to think about them, and I get all teared up. There really are some amazing people in this world.

Thank you,


Jutta, Germany said...

I know the roller coaster you are on with the babies being in the NICU.
I continue praying for their breathing and their feeding needs since we all know how important those are.
Tonya, get some rest. Your body has been through a marathon the past few days and you need to rest.

Hang in there!

BTW: Sorry for my bad english. I left the US 7 years ago and moved back to Germany after 3,5 years living in South FL

Tubre Quads said...

Keep on rocking guys. The NICU roller coaster will eventually plane out and you will be riding the highs from then on. Don't let the small down's consume you - focus on the positive's (which I know is hard to do, I have been there too) and keep on trucking. They are troopers!