Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Road of Life by Lew

You get the news. You don't know how to process it. You cry, you smile, you hold your loved one in your arms. You listen to your heart. You pray. You ask God for guidance. You are pregnant with quads. You ask God to look over your little ones. You do everything in your power to make it right. You bring four beautiful babies into this world. You pray. You smile. You cry. You smile. You cry. You pray.

The day comes and you look at four of the most delicate and fragile forms of life you have ever seen. They are your babies. You smile. You cry. Your babies are fighting. They are fighting to breath. They are fighting to grow. They are breathing and they are growing. They are your children.

If the road were straight and narrow, how would it be? How would this world be if there weren't unexpected turns? If there weren't up and downs? How would life be? Life is not easy, that is for sure. It is not easy for anyone, no matter who you are.

Tonya and I are able to handle whatever life can throw at us. We learned a lot about life from Meadow Anne. We learned more from Meadow than any other person we have come in contact with.

Right now, we are praying extra prayers for Cameron. Cameron has a cyst in his noggin. Though the cyst may go away, right now it is there. Although the cyst may be in an area of the brain that might not affect Cameron's future, the cyst is there. Cameron has a larger than normal ventricle in his noggin. The situation with the ventricle may just go away. Or it may not. Our Baby C. Cameron. I am praying that he has his mothers strength. His mother will. He has our love. He has angels looking down on him. He has people praying for him. No matter what, Cameron will be the man.

Dane. Baby D. Dane is situated in his cute little bed in a way that will hopefully expedite the healing of a hole that was discovered in Dane's lung. I'm thinking Dane will run a marathon one day. He will run a marathon, motivated by a hole in his lung at the age of 3...3 days old. That is motivation to me, to us.

If life were easy, how would it be? These obstacles will no doubt make Cameron and Dane assets to our society. Cameron and Dane will remain strong, they will be strong, they will stare you in the eye and say "I can do it". We know they will.

Cameron and Dane need an extra prayer or two, they need motivation to overcome these obstacles. We know they will find the motivation. We pray they will conquer their obstacles.

"He's a wild one"! That is how the doctors and nurses describe Brock. We love it! He wants no part of anything. Brock grabs tubes, wires, whatever he can get his hands on and he rips them out! Brock Hunter is tough. Don't mess with him. Mess with the bull and you get the horns baby! All signs point to Brock getting off the Soothtilator in a day or so. I'll quote Brock's doctor: "He has a temper". I love that. I love a temper. You need a temper. Aiden has a temper. I love Aiden's temper. Aiden is very competitive. I can't wait to watch Aiden and Brock go head to head.

Summer. The name says it all. We all love summer time. Summer is all smiles. When those eyes look at you, you can't help but cry. She's one of a kind.

These are The Lewandowski Quadruplets. They are a blessing.

Each one of them is fighting. Summer is fighting for her brothers and her brothers are fighting to get where she is.

The news of Cameron and Dane came after thorough examination and review of today's chest x-rays (Dane's Holy lung) and yesterday's noggin scan (Cameron's cyst and ventricle). One moment, we are smiling. The next we are crying.

Life's a bitch. Each one of these kids will tell you day. A lot of people we have met in the last 5 weeks will tell you that.

Get busy living people.



Gabrielle said...

Beautifully written Jeremy, I'll be thinking of Cameron and Dane! :)
Hang in there you and Tonya are doing great!!
Love, Gabrielle

Corinna said...

Jeremy and Tonya,

We're still praying for you and your family, and hope that things only improve. The NICU is truly a roller coaster, just hold on tight!

Take care,

Corinna (Philip and Clara) Wells
MTU 2000

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family all the best. The NICU is a challenging ride. it sounds like your children are in great care. You and all of your family are in my prayers.

Kara said...

Jeremy and Tonya -

Babies will amaze you with their strength and perserverance. I witnessed first hand how my twins fought their way to get where they are today and each of your quads will do the same!!! They already have made it so far! May God continue to give you strength. You and your family are in our continued thoughts and prayers.


Claire said...

Prayers coming to you from New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Tonya and Jeremy,

These babies have so many people praying for them and they have Meadow up there looking out for them too. They will get past all of these little problems and be stronger for it. Hang in there and know that you are all in our prayers. Enjoy every moment with them and give them some love from us too!

Ron and Carol Salladay

Anonymous said...

I am praying & thinking of you guys. I've been following along for awhile now -- from Tonia & Scott N. -- I'm good friends with Tonia from Tech. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you & saying extra prayers right now.

Hang in there....

Julie Farthing

Jutta, Germany said...

Sending prayers your way from Germany


Anonymous said...

Cameron's little noggin will be fine. They found a cyst in Jackie's little noggin too. I was about 30 weeks. They did another ultrasound and it was gone at 36 weeks. It will disappear! I know this. I wish I could be there Tonya everyday for you. I will see you soon. All our love,

The Salladay's

Troy and Jennifer said...

tonya and jeremy and boys,

your family is in our prayers!
your friends from the manor!
Troy , Jennifer and Family (twins Jonah and Jasmine)

Carol said...

Thank-you for sharing your babies and your joys and challenges with us. Any news where your baby isn't totally healthy, growing and home with you is hard to hear. And a double (or triple?) dose of hard news is just, well, a lot to handle. Yet you're holding on with a positive outlook. That spirit of the Lewandowski parents is powerful. I trust that your babies can feel it, and gain strength from it.

I have no power, but that of positive thoughts. I can make no promises. Yet, deep in my soul I feel like your boys will be just fine. You will be just fine (so long as you can be fine and tired at the same time). That's what I feel.

Many positive thoughts going the Lewandoski family way.

Laura Ann said...

Thank you for sharing your heart today...You, Tonya, the boys and the Quads are in my prayers. I am praying that God will embrace all of you in this time and bring peace & strength to all of you