Thursday, July 3, 2008

27 Weeks 0 days by Lew

Okay, so this is where we stand as of July 2, 2008:

27 weeks 0 days and calm seas! Well, occassional, maybe sometimes more than occassional, contractions, but calm seas nonetheless.

Man, crazy to think we only have 5 weeks left to reach our goal!

La Strongela Cervixia Senorita (Polish for The Lady with Strong Cervix), continues to amaze all!

Dr. M thinks labor or water breaking (are those the same?) could come before 32 weeks, but if it/they don't, 32 weeks looks rather realistic! Heck, Dr. M told Tonya to keep pushing Dr. J to let her go to 34 weeks! Tonya had an appointment with Dr. M yesterday and she said it went great! She came back to the Lew Manor all excited and then went to prenatal yoga.

What did the Men of the Manor do while Pocacervix was being a yogi? What else, went and watched Kung Fu Panda! Good movie, Aiden loved it, Cale could have cared less. I couldn't help but think how crazy it will be with 8 of us...Best part of the movie was walking back to our car and eating popcorn out of the bag and spilling it all over the parking lot and watching the seagulls swoop down like vultures to eat it then speeding around the parking lot in the Mazda M-6 rental trying to run over seagulls...can't wait to do that with some huge ass van with flames on the hood!

So, does everyone out there in the blogosphere think we can get to 32 weeks? How about bets on baby gender, weights, etc? If I really had the time to learn it, I would love to have a poll on this thing...

I will be heading home to B-town this weekend to teach the Old Man how to trailer a boat and captain a boat. Most of you are probably thinking that is like the blind leading the blind? I know, the Polish lad teaching Old Man Pol - scary to say the least.

But, I will be bringing the baby name list back to the manor and we will plan on selecting our final list of names probably next week...

We wish all of you a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend. Your thoughts and prayers continue to be an instrumental part of our lives.

If anyone out there has a secret potient to instantaneously enable The Quads to gain like half a pound - Do It!

Peace Out,


Tubre Quads said...

You can totally make it to 34 weeks, much less 32! Easier said than done I know, my body pooped out at 27 weeks 2 days, but you can do it! I will link you to my blog roll if you don't mind. Good luck and grow babies grow!


Sammy'smommy said...

Oh my, your blog is a riot! I found it tonight at work, and read most of it. We will be saying lots of prayers for you, your babies, your house to sell etc etc!!! God bless

Sweety Cassidy said...
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Sweety Cassidy said...

don't think any of the following "big goal" 32 weeks. think first to the objective of 30 weeks who is also a "good goal" . At 30w they will have ventilator for only few days and can feedding bottle and leave hospital before due date.after the 30w goal, think 32-34
yesterday, I find to a expectant quad's mom who began her 27th week tuesday like you !!

Mrs Nan P said...

I'm ALL over gettin' to ride in the van with flames down the side when you get it!!!! Glad to hear all is well - we'll have to give you a call this week - we just got back from our week at Houghton Lake but we have company from the Motherland coming down tomorrow for a few days......
Give our regards to TLew and know that you are (as always)in our thoughts and prayers.....


PS - to answer your question - no, labour and your water breaking are NOT the same thing - no matter what happens around it, true labour is only when there are contractions that are "productive" meaning that they cause cervical dilation - one's water doesn't need to be broken for that to happen and vice versa - one can most certainly happen independently of the other and lots of times, does - had it happen meeself with Johnny - I was minding my own bidness, watching "Wheel of Fortune" when my water broke in 2 ginormous gushes - I hadn't had any contractions all day, period, never mind productive ones - went to the hospital and didn't have any for the first couple hours, giving me time to attend one last inservice (in my hospital gown) on something in our department before officially going on Maternity Leave......

Debby said...

Hey, Jeremy, we want to hear more about life in the Manor with 2 little boys! If anybody can get to 32 weeks (or 34 weeks), it is Tonya, La Senora con la cervix de hierro (Spanish, not Polish). We are thinking of you and the little ones and keeping you in our prayers.

Moni Graf said...

Hi Lewandowski's!

I must say, you 2 are a crack-up! There's alot to be said about humor. I think it will help carry those quadlets to 34 weeks.

Our baby "C" (the only girl) had cord/placenta problems that we (I say "we", but it was more like "the doctors") discovered at about 24 weeks. They said they'd be happy if we made it to 28 weeks. She hung in there for another 6-7 weeks and we delivered at 31 weeks. She was, and still is, quite a bit smaller than her brothers. But she can still hang with/rule them!

I'm amazed that your babies' sexes are unrevealed to everyone but dad. What an awesome surprise! I hope that when people ask you, "Do you know what you're having?" you can proudly say, "We hope they're babies!"

Anyways, just wanted to let you know you have supporters and prayers from Kansas. I was also going to add you to our blogroll, if that's okay!

Love from KS,