Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feelin' the Flow by Dr. Lew

So, Dopplers for today:

Baby A, C, and D - consistently consistent compared to previous scans.
Baby B - 6.8 and 7.5.

Again, numbers are irrelevant to Tonya and I.

What is relevant?

Flow Baby, Flow! Baby B was Feelin' the Flow today! Numbers for Baby B are high, but that doesn't matter to us. What matters to us is there was continuous blood flow!

What else is new?

We are still riding the rollercoaster. As Tonya indicated, Dr. M stated that we could go beyond the 7 day window for the roids provided that the babies continue to Feel the Flow. So, we went from expecting Q-Day within a week, to continued optimism for attaining our date of August 7.

So, at the conclusion of our Dopplers today, the ultrasound tech scrolled through some stuff and up popped some charts on the screen. So, Dr. Lew requested to view the growth charts for The Quads. We were not offered information pertaining to the charts after our appointment on Monday. Probably becasue that's usually information for "qualified" doctors, in addition to the pressing issue with Baby B on Monday. Well, my review of the growth charts was relieving.
If you will recall, Dr. J projected that one or more of The Quads, specifically Baby B, would eventually "fall off" the growth curve, with the potential for absent diastolic flow. He estimated this to happen around 28 weeks. I previously indicated that his estimate was based on his experience with higher-order multiples. It was at that appointment that he challenged us to prove him wrong. Well, none of the babies have "fallen off" the growth curve. The charts were small, but I my interpretation revealed a trend along the 10th percentile for each baby, probably just a bit below the 10th percentile.
We are excited by that news! The Quads are continuing to grow consistent with the curve! Consistent with how a single baby should grow! That is awesome! Sure, they are small, but there's freakin' 4 babies in there! Tonya and I have come to become our own doctors. Bold statement? Hell yeah! But dang, when we look back at the numbers (percent chance of death or abnormalities of one or more baby and average gestation for quads) that were presented to us at our first meeting with Dr. J, we are dominating! I should calm down, we aren't there yet, and we still need to take it a day at a time, but encouraged would be an understatement.
So, despite the doctors continuing to make mention of the size of The Quads, they will come out swinging - so these dudes best be watching what they say! Especially with Baby B. I have a vision of that mofo coming out, jumping out of the doctors hands and running laps around the damn intensive care unit! The doctors will be like "Get Baby B on the ventilator" and Baby B will be like "Ventilator Schmentilator - gimme a steak dammit! I'm sick of this salad stuff my mommies been feeding me!" And Baby A, C, and D will be like "Whoa, Baby B is going to get a time out." And Baby B will be like "Hey Baby A, you know what I heard? Sheep. Hey Baby C, you know what I saw? Wood. Hey Baby D, you know what, I forgot the last one but can you hear this?" Baby D will be like "nope, can't hear it." Baby B will say "Then turn it up!"
Sorry about the conversation stuff, cracks me up though. It brings me to personalities that I forsee of The Quads:
A - The "rock" of the group since the other babies are pretty much "leaning" on Baby A.
B - Raging lunatic that can't make up it's mind.
C - Caught in the middle, always plotting something, maybe the genius of the group.
D - Lazy, all that room in there with nothing to do.
It will be so neat to see how they all develop...
Anyway, so yeah, Tonya's mom and I were at the beach last night with Aiden and Cale. Aiden was running wind sprints up and down the beach like a lunatic! He was chasing ducks, like any duck that came within 10 yards of him, kicking balls, running with dump trucks, going under water, he was unstoppable. Then Cale was walking over to get a dump truck and Tonya's mom says how cute he looks. And I'm like "yeah, he's cute, but look how big his head is compared to his body."
So, I'm thinking The Quads should be renamed from Baby A, Baby B, Baby C, and Baby D to Bobblehead A, Bobblehead B, Bobblehead C, and Bobblehead D...
Oh yeah, I have a photo of Baby D that I tried to post but everything on this posting gets all jacked up when I do it and I don't have time to mess with it. The photo is from today. Baby D got a photo taken as it is our womb-hawg and was the only baby with a clear shot at a profile. As Tonya pointed out, Baby D has been "blessed" with my nose...
Party on,

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Moni Graf said...

You guys are so damn witty and entertaining! Glad to hear the force of the flow is still with you.
The fetal monitoring set up they have goin' on is CRAZY. It has to be inaccurate with 4 squished, squirmin' babies, too! If they're doing daily dopplers, why doesn't the sono tech just do biophysical profiles on all the babies while you're there? It'd be alot more accurate and would better gauge the babies' performance. You might ask your docs. Just a suggestion - take it for what it's worth.
Tonya, your hubby must be insanely intuned to you to notice your weight loss. That is really interesting. I puffed out like a water balloon! I was never on strict bedrest, but I was in the hospital for a month prior to delivery so they could do daily sonos on my littlest peanut. But back to your weight issue...maybe the babies all shifted and they're more "up and down" in your belly. I guess that might explain the decrease in girth, but not the weight loss. You haven't felt any gushes of water have you?!?!
Anyway.....Keep up the great gestating (and blog updates)!

Love from KS,