Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ultimate Date and the Ultimate Donation by Lew

August 7, 2008 - that's the day! Yeah, that's a Thursday, not a Tuesday (inside joke there for some of ya'll, just gave myself a good chuckle, thanks Stops).

Aiden and Caleb will be the greeters at the door of the hospital. Yeah, they'll be the ones with the cowboy guns and pirate swords. If you come with your face painted and a red nose that honks - you get in free! Popcorn will be available in the NICU.

My prediction from last week for July 22 was stomped on by Baby B! I love it!

Tonya met with Dr M yesterday - I had to stay with the napping boys back at da' mana'. Anyway, Dr M said we were a topic of conversation at a conference last week. Cool, I guess? When I say we, I mean Tonya. Why? Cause she's the freak of nature. Awesome! Not sure if I mentioned it in a previous blog - Dr J is done with us! Done as in Tonya is doing so good she doesn't need me anymore done!

For those that are sick of reading my picture-less dialog, Tonya is going bonkers not being able to post belly picks and blog and what not. The computer at The Manor doesn't support this blog thing too well. I think she is planning on heading over to the library, or as Aiden would say - libary, this weekend. In the mean time, if you could imagine eating a watermelon in one gulp, that is what she looks like. She's still cute though, and it is ALL belly...

So, funny story about the manor. Again, we are so thankful for this place, but this one is good. So I'm sitting on the couch reading porn (I wish, it was Good Housekeeping - notta queer, limited material) and these two very old ladies get off the elevator. The one proceeds to read every room number as they walk down the hall, throwing in a gosh dang or two along the way to their room that happened to be at the opposite end of the hall, where I was seated. Mind you this is about a 30ish yard walk. So they get near me and the one is bitching about how she can't believe they are on the second floor and their room is ALL the way at the other end of the hall and how she can't believe they don't have any other rooms, let alone a room on the first floor. Yeah, they were out of breath - I found out why later. So, we are eating dinner later in the evening. Tonya is at the one end of the kitchen chatting with a different old lady that asked when the baby was due. Tonya, being the quiet one she is, blurts out "the baby? there's 4 in there!" This as THE old lady happens to walk by and looks at the other lady and mumbles something like "yeah 4" and walks away. THE old lady is fit for a part in Grumpy Old Men - had that Gustafson personality and tone. So Tonya chats with the other old lady and comes back to the table and I ask if THE old lady something rude. She said no, I chatted with her and her posse the other night. The posse had all sorts of miscarriage and horror stories to enlighten Tonya with...nice. And that was that. So later I have the boys outside and THE old lady comes out with her cohort and they proceed to light up some smokes. (FYI - there is a smoking section on the porch of the manor - their pitch for putting butts in the right place is a picture of a squirrel smoking. Yeah, great for Aiden and Cale to pick up on that). Dudes, these broads are like 80! Bitching about how it hurts, coughing and what not - like they're hitting the reefer! So we get the kids away and I had to tell Tonya about the old ladies upstairs walking for miles to their room all out of breath and what not - yeah, cause they eat freakin' cigarette butts for desert! Anyway, it was at this point that Tonya tells me the story about THE old lady from the other day. She was in the kitchen that happened to be rather crowded - and of course being the quiet one, Tonya told people of our deal. And THE old lady blurts out like as loud as Tonya is - "Did you get that artificial insemination or something?


So what did I learn? I learned that artificial insemination is off the hook for quads man!

So I had a huge addition to this blog, probably would have rivaled for my longest composition to date, and I deleted it. You should be able to figure out why below.

Take this however you want, for what it's worth, look at it from multiple sides, between the lines, etc. I donated $20 to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research yesterday. It made me feel good. Now I know how you all feel.

We are going to be fine. Now that we know, at least as far as all involved can tell, we will be giving birth to healthy babies and Tonya is doing great. Sure, there could be some issues, but they will be loved to the max no matter what. Even if something goes completely wrong, we will be okay. We have help and we have each other. There are people in this world that won't be okay, that don't have someone to care for them, that have a medical issue that there is no solution to. Those people need help. I feel that I helped fight cancer yesterday. My little sister came up with a great idea for Christmas this past year. She said we should not get each other gifts. Rather, we should take the money that we would have spent on each other and donate it to a charity. We did. We didn't need the gifts. We made a difference. My little sis is cool.

What you all are doing for us is making a difference. We'll be okay no matter what. You could donate something elsewhere and include The Lewandowski Quadruplets with your families name. That would be the ultimate donation to us.

We are so thanful for every day of this pregnancy. It truly is a blessing.

Thank you all again. If you can't tell by now, I find myself being thankful for damn near everything lately. Tonya feels the same way and then some. We should be, and so should you.

Heck, I consider buying and consuming beer as a donation. The Attorney General or whoever says a beer a day is good for the heart. It helps my heart and the money I spend on it helps the beer Gods make more beer which helps provide more beer for all you to drink which helps your hearts. Together, the money we spend on beer is helping each others hearts, and the hearts of others as well. Go have a beer, it's good for your heart and you're helping others. I'm thinking about including my beer receipts for donation verification on my taxes for deductions. And don't buy into the crap that the Attorney General or whoever says about 3 or more beers being bad for you, just be sure to drink some water and have a slice of wheat bread while consuming.

Beer, it does the body good.

Your friend,


MrsNanP said...

library?? you are kidding, right? I'm gonna get Todd to call you so we can set something up for you to come here this weekend......

Anonymous said...

Glad you got a good chuckle on the Tuesday thing. God Bless.