Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Prediction by Lew

So I get back to the manor yesterday and Tonya and I walk over to our appointment with Dr. M. My sisters, brother-in law, and niece are up visiting so they watched over the boys while we were gone. On our walk to the appointment, I told Tonya of my blog from yesterday and indicated it may send some alarms off...I think this blog will send off more than merely an alarm...

So the first and pretty much only thing Dr. M talked to us about was Baby B and the increasing numbers from the Doppler.

I say Bingo - I'm smarter than I look Dr. M - I wrote all about that "stuff" in the blog. Dr. M proceeded to discuss what I conveyed in yesterdays blog, only he knows what he is talking about. Dr. M indicated that once you get to like a certain number, say 6 or 7, then the next step is like right to infinity, kind of like the y=x squared curve. Side note: Dr. M didn't quite get the y=x squared thing without a bit of help - he says to us, you two are engineers, what is the name of the curve that curves up slowly and then boom, goes straight up? At this point Tonya looks at me and sees a blank stare on my face, and she blurts out, yeah, y=x2 on a logarithmic scale. She then looks at me again with a face that says me one, you zero...maybe not smarter than I look.

So, yes, Baby B has us on more of an alert, not yet alarm, but our appointment next Monday will tell us a lot.

Now chant with me - Diastolic, Diastolic, Diastolic Flow for Baby B, for Baby B!

So to me, there are two scenarios that could develop on Monday. Scenario 1 would be preferred over Scenario 2, as discussed below:

Scenario 1 - Baby B would be in let's say a holding pattern. Holding pattern meaning the numbers are relatively consistent with this past Monday's numbers, with continued diastolic flow. Or even better, the numbers were a bit skewed to the high end due to the inability to get a representative Doppler due to the crowd in there, and either are similar or decreased from this past Monday, with continued good diastolic flow.

Scenario 2 - The Doppler for Baby B displays increased numbers. The trump card would be indications of continued diastolic flow, or the warning sign of a moment of no flow. It seems unlikely that reverse flow would occur on Monday, considering there was good diastolic flow this past Monday.

So my previous gestational period days were a bit off. Dr. M's crew had us at 28 weeks, 1 day yesterday. I think Dr. Js crew has us at 28 weeks, 3 days. Regardless, we beat the National Average Gestational Period for Quadruplets! A feat to say the least. The feat of all feats though, is Tonya - she looks great, she feels great, and she is doing great! For those of you that have not seen her, you would never know she is 28+ weeks prego with quads. She is awesome! And she is one hot looking prego chick!

My prediction - The Quads are born on July 22, 2008, basically 30 weeks. Our next Doppler is Monday, July 14 and we are currently scheduled for one Doppler per week. They will have us in for a second Doppler later that week. Then we will have another Doppler on Monday July 21. They will take The Quads the next day. Presently, we are scheduled for one Doppler per week.

I know Tonya will not want to read this and will not agree with it, but that would be her praying and remaining optimistic. I think my prediction is realistic. Monday's appointment will be difficult. We will be holding our breath from the moment we walk in.

When they take The Quads, they most likely will not take them out in order - A, B, C, D. They will grab whatever they can grab as fast as they can. I would estimate their weights right around 2 pounds. Being optimistic, an ounce or two over.

I think we will start freaking out more now. We (me), have concluded that Bellaire seems to be the place - no bites on the house. So we are going to start touching base with people in Bellaire to help with the mahem. As you all know, we need some help.

Gosh dang family of 8...Holy Wha!

Of all my silly statements, predictions, proclomations, etc. that I have made over the course of my life, I pray that what I predicted in this blog is completely, absolutely wrong.

Please pray with us for Baby B to keep the blood flowing!



Tubre Quads said...

Lots of prayers heading your way Tonya and Baby "B". Way to geaux (the Louisiana version of "go") so far!

Mom to Abbey, Tyger, Cullen & Emma (gbbg quads 9/19/07)

Anonymous said...

I'm still praying for those babies and God is in control. I'm confident that whenever they come they will do just fine. I kinda like August 4th, Jackie's birthday, for them to arrive. Hang in there! Mom Salladay (Carol)

Brooks Family said...

I love reading your updates. I will keep your family in my prayers with an extra prayer for Baby B!

Melissa Brooks
MTU alum

Tricia Adams said...

Lew and Tonya- My name is Tricia (Plum) Adams. My brother gave me your blog address- I hope thats OK. I met you down at DeVos when you had your sweet twin baby girl in the NICU. I remember her wonderfully painted nails. Anyway, I am one of the NICU nurses who will be working with you at Munson. I can't wait to meet your quads, hopefully I'll be available to be at your delivery (as I am on the "call list"). Congratulations on getting this far in your pregnancy Tonya- that is great!