Monday, July 14, 2008

Eye of the Tiger by Lew

That's right, Baby B - Eye of the Tiger - Rising up to the challenge of all rivals!

The nurse got that transducer thingy all reading flows and what not and I swear I heard Baby B shout Bring it! You can't hold me back! Is that all you got!

All right, all right, if you can't tell, I'm just a wee bit ecstatic right now!

I think the other babies ganged up and told Baby B to get its shit together 'cause they ain't ready for this "world" thing yet. And, Baby B, in an effort to "take one for the team", bucked up and decided to "get diastolicky" for a wee bit longa!

The first few attempts at getting a representative Doppler resulted in my heart stopping and Tonya crying...then the nurse was able to string together some encouraging scans. Yeah, she had us about passed out with reality. Anyway, numbers were 4.1, 4.1, 4.3, and 5.0. Last weeks were 5.8, 3.8, 5.5. Main thing - goood diastolic flow.

For clarification, the numbers indicate the ratio of the highest flow velocity, measured in cm/s, to the lowest flow velocity.

Baby's A, C, and D all looked good as well! Heart rates were 130 (A), 133 (B), and 158 (C & D). It appeared as though C & D were fighting. Also, all their heads are kinda sorta together - I called them "The Fun Bunch". I think The Fun Bunch was the wide receiver corp from like the 1986 Washington Redskins - smurfs? Anyway...

Tonya's cervix measurements - 3.98 cm and 3.74 cm for average of 3.86 cm. Last weeks measurement was 3.85 cm.

Tonya did not yell Bring it! Is that all you got! Instead, she smiled. Me, I was like Brick Wall! Can't penetrate that fort! You da Man! No really though, we both smiled!

Damn glad that's over that's for sure...until next Monday...

Hopefully my synopsis of today's appointment closely resembles Dr. J's, at least the gist of it. We know too much about what to look for, but I think we were informed by someone that's sorta good at this stuff.

Thanks go out to Tonya's mom for coming up yesterday to tend to the wild banches while we were at our appointment. We were somewhat, well, maybe more than somewhat, worried about today's appointment and wanted to be able to give our undivided attention. Means a lot Sherry.

Thank you God.


Dana said...

I was so anxious to read today's update and am so thrilled to see such a great report! Go babies go!

Anonymous said...

Gender prediction time...

Completely unscientific, but I'm thinking you'll have two of each...

Anonymous said...

I just figured out this has a comment section, see how computer savvy I am. I'mm p;acing my bet on 2 of each based on heart rates. Jeremy I know your in charge of blogging now but we still need belly pics. God Bless

Moni Graf said...

Excellent news! No cervical shortening, good heart rates, good dopplers.... Lew, I think you're predictions will be off, thankfully.

It's good to know that you both have a good grasp on everything that's going on. It sounds like you make every effort to really understand your babies' condition/status. Keep up the great job and updates. We're thinking about you and saying extra prayers for a few extra weeks in-utero.

Love from KS,

p.s. My gender prediction is 3 boys/1 girl.... but that's only because that's what we have!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Grow babies grow! I think it's two of each too!

Carol S.

We'd love to see belly pictures!

Debby said...

I agree about two of each: babies A and B must be boys and babies C and D must be girls (based on heart rate) -- can't wait to find out!