Monday, July 28, 2008

She is Out

Just to clarify something:

Tonya is out. She is out of the hospital. She is most likely at West End Beach.

If not at the beach, check the kitchen at The Manor...


Moni Graf said...

You guys are awesome. Those babies are gonna come out toddlers!

Love from KS,

MrsNanP said...

that's awesome!!! those babies are gonna come out all fat & sassy, with killer tans from being at the beach all summer!!! ha ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I have been reading your blog each morning. You start off my day with a smile and sometimes tears, good tears. Jeremy, how did you get to be such a exceptional writer, I thought you were an engineer. I feel a Pulitzer coming. And, Tonya, your pics are criminally cute. Thinking of you guys daily, Much Love, Jen Luto