Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No News Is Good News? by Lew

Really nothing new to update ya'll on tonight with regard to The Quads.

Tonya got her mits on a laptop - I think I will get this posted before she gets the one she's been working on...

I really think The Quads are happy to be lying in bed with Momma T all day and all night. She won't admit it, but I know they are thankful. We'll she'll admit it, you just have to say the right thing to get it out of her. She keeps referencing something Dr. J told us like 3 months ago, which is completely irrelevant now. Everyone out there, don't worry, she's staying put, I won't let her out! I'm thinking about putting Aiden and Cale on patrol outside her door. Aiden could have the six shooters on and Cale could have his pirate sword! Love them little dudes!

So it is kind of funny. Tonya is essentially in the hospital for bed rest - since refined to room confinement. That's really it. But since it's a hospital, they have to come in and check her vitals, check the babies heart rates, they even took blood. We don't get it. The babies heart rate thing is just plain silly. All you ladies know what I'm talking about. The gay little pancake-looking heart rate sensor they gob up with lube and strap to your belly. Yeah, apparently someone forgot that we get an ACCURATE heart rate from the Cord Dopplers! Duhhhh! The nurses come in twice a day and get the heart rates for 30 minutes. Dudes, it's like twister in their - arms, feet and legs every which way. No possible way of getting accurate heart rates, let alone actually knowing what heart rate you are getting. It takes forever and really, no benefit to anything. Heck, the heart rates vary by up to 20 bpm per day! We give the nurses credit, it's not their call. We think Dr. Madion is avoiding Tonya. He gave the bedrest orders....and he knows Tonya and he knows her personality. Whatever, rather be safe than sorry right?

I guess I'm really blogging tonight because I have nothing better to do? Guess I could smuggle some brews into the Manor? Tonya's mom is so nice - she is doing our laundry! Pretty much because Tonya made mention of it and she has been a laundry freak since she became pregnant. Don't know why, but she has to have the laundry done like all the time. Crazy I tell ya.

By any means, alls well tonight in Tonya's room at the Munson Maternity Ward. I brought the boys over for "Movie Night with Mommy". It was great. We watched Stewart Little for the 847th time. Oh Stewart....

Cale cried his rear off when we left...again. We was fine though - once we get outside, I let him and Aiden walk on the brick wall and go pet the metal deer some welder welded up. Then we say good night to the deer and go back home. Yes, home, that's what we call The Manor now.

Alright, I'm outta this blog and into another, probably more intriguing blog....

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