Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the good stuff continues...

Good omens carry lots of good suprises... for instance, a positive doppler reading on all our babies... my mother being able to be up to help us... mama T getting released.... and then there are the ones like this: you and your hubby are discussing the fact that, duh, we haven't brought over a SINGLE preemie outfit for our babies yet and, DUH, they could be born anyday, so, DUH, we'd better get on that. And low and behold, that night (I kid you not) Bob & Katie Verschaeve stop by the MANOR with little Avery (that's right... back, back at the Manor) bearing gifts of boy and girl preemie outfits for us!! It came out of NO WHERE and we were so touched by their visit. Being that Bob & Katie spent time in the NICU here with Avery they had lots of insight to share with us... very sweet. Thank you V-fam, one of the chosen few to see where the Lew Crew is holed up these days =)

And then, the next day - KAPOW! T takes an exhausted turn for the worse. I'm not complaining, but I am GOING to be honest because up until this point I could literally count on one hand the number of times I would really classify myself as feeling EXHAUSTED ALL DAY. For example, even though I was out on release, I chose to LAY ON THE CURLY SLIDE at the park instead of even attempting to sit on a bench or push my kids on the swings. And I'm pretty sure several times I might have even dozed off... had Caleb not slid down on top of me and starting laughing hysterically... that little cutie. But this is not the mama T most of you know, and that's why I want to paint the true picture... didn't my hubby say that every dog has it's day? Maybe different context, but same principle. And, room confinement or not, I can't STAND being a boring parent, or parenting from a chair, or not interacting with my kids! Yet there I was, at the park, one of "those moms" in my own head. Ugh. I told Jeremy that I was either feeling the effects of our iffy doppler readings that morning (mind over matter EXISTS in my book) OR the babies were having a HUGE GROWTH SPURT and sucking all the energy outta' mommy!!

We like the latter explanation better ourselves too.

Wed. was a new day and a fresh start!! Great doppler that morning and so: Back to da' beach, BABY!

What, you wanna' see my boys muscles? Which way TO da' beach? Let them show you...

Buoyant mama T, ahhhh... playing in the water on a gorgeous summer day... it's LIKE I'm laying down because my belly is essentially weightless like this, right?

We had a blast.... a little motor boat, motor boat, anyone? C'mon - live a little!!! This would be about the same time nurse Carol had a Tonya sighting, go figure (all that luck I'm having with poor timing and nurses, eh?). Nurse Carol is GREAT, she's the one that was on the day of my big ESCAPE, I mean, RELEASE!!!

Look how cute we all are!!! I love my family so much... I only wish that Jeremy could be here with us everyday enjoying every second with our boys... it's been so amazing to have this time. Iwill cherish it forever.

Last night was pretty cool - my mom and I decided to have "Girl's Night" and so we headed to the deck at North Peak for some tunes and good food (LOVE THAT PLACE!)... plus we love to share our story with the WORLD nowadays (go figure) because I know we are down to our final week!!! It's always fun to see the shock value when they first "get" that we're not kidding... SUCKA'S!!! So, here's us chillin' - I partied hard with water, on the rocks, with lemon... oh - and a shot of club soda for that restless leg thingy at night... it helps!! Last night my mom got a separate room for us too so that we could watch The Notebook (thanks, Jen!) and cry in our own little girlie world... how fun is that!!!

And wouldn't you know when we got back, check out this awesome helicopter action... we haven't seen one of these yet:

Jeremy and the boys were PUMPED for the U of M helicopter - it was pretty slick.... too bad U of M came in behind Munson on some award dealy recently... otherwise maybe we'd wanna' deliver there, you know? HA! Just kidding...

And then, of course, our exciting night of contractions...

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