Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Negotiator by Lew

If anyone out there needs someone to negotiate a deal, call Tonya. I believe she negotiated 3 outdoor excursions per day. Of course she has to be escorted outside in a wheel chair, and if no one is visiting her, a nurse will take her out. But damn she's good.

Even crazier, she seems to think she might just about have herself out of the hospital. I thought long and hard today about her confinement...I'm having second thoughts. I feel she should remain admitted, but she should be allotted more freedom. Seeing her in a wheel chair is ridiculous. It's like strapping a greyhound in a wheel chair and chasing rabbits. It would be cool if she could get off campus. A requirement would be she would have to leave the hospital with someone that was in charge of dealing with the boys, Tonya would just be along for the ride. Tonya and I are basically on the same page with our new thoughts of freedom. We'll see what Dr. J has to say tomorrow.

Yes, Dr. J is at Munson tomorrow and he will be coming to see Tonya. Hopefully I will be able to come by to meet with him as well. We love talking with Dr. J. He knows.

Dr. Madion was over to chat with Tonya today. She said he was very positive, enthusiastic and upbeat! He confirmed the potential to go past next Monday so long as all of The Quads agree. So, were are day-to-day as far as Q-Day goes.

That's about it. Tonya's friend Dana was up with her two daughters today. Her clan and Sherry and the boys hit the beach all morning. Sounded like they had loads of fun.

I took the boys to Moomers tonight. Yeah, Moomers as in the best damn ice cream in the US as voted by Good Morning America or something. No, it's not a chain - Traverse City original! Anyway, we beat the crazy long line. Never fails, we are waiting in line for about a minute and Aiden blurts out "Daddy, I have to go po-po." Daddy says, "Uh Aiden, why didn't you take care of business before we left to come here (it's about a 5 minute drive)". Aiden - "I dunno." Daddy - "Well go to the bathroom then." So he goes and comes back holding his pecker and says there's somebody in there. I asked him that I thought he said he had to go poop. He said "Yeah, but pee-pee too." So he goes back, is gone for about a minute, and comes back holding his pecker again. He says "Daddy, I can't reach the toilet paper." That one got chuckles from others in line. I say "So you couldn't go pee?" He says "Oh." He doesn't go back and the boys get orders of SuperMoo in mini baseball hats. We order our ice cream and go sit down. About a minute later, Cale chimes in "Dadda, I have to go poop." So I take the boys to go drop bombs inside Moomers, which is actually kind of fitting. The thing with Moomers, its a farm, and farms smell like shit. Kinda weird eating the best freakin' ice cream in the world and all you smell is cow shit. Kids love it though, and that's all that matters.

Anyway, we go back to visit with Tonya and her mom. We brought ice cream back for Tonya, but not from Moomer's - line was off the hook as we were leaving.

Anyway, so we finish the night with Cale crying for mommy after Aiden got stung by not one, but two bees. Yeah, that was loud, and Aiden is pretty tough.

I just can't help but wonder how...interesting a public excursion will be for the Lewandowski family in 2 years or so...


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been following your blog for a while now you look great for a quad mom . hope your 2 boys are doing great .

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