Monday, July 28, 2008

This Omen Thing by Lew

Maybe I'm nuts, but I believe it. Maybe a bit over the top. Maybe yeah. But I'm telling all you, all our prayers, your prayers, all that stuff - it works. I mean it. Yes, if The Quads were born today could they all be fine, developmentally wise? Yes. But, chances of that are greater the longer they are in the womb. So, to me, to Tonya, to us, these last 10 days are priceless.

Baby B displayed very good readings at today's Doppler. Well, very good compared to previous. Although Tonya and I are only pretending to be doctors, we think the flow in Baby B is looking really good. In fact, Baby B's number were right in there with Baby A's!

I honestly believe that Tonya is better off out of the hospital. Does that make sense? No. Is Tonya normal? Absolutely not. I'm telling you, if you haven't seen her, I mean it when I say she is a freak of nature! She is approaching 12 pounds of baby in her belly! She goes to the damn beach! It's nuts! It makes some people whoosy for crying out loud - both the sight of her at the beach and the fact that she has almost 12 pounds of baby in her and she is at the beach!

I think Baby B is pumped up as all gettup to be out of that damn hospital. The f'er told me so. See, me and Baby B have this thing. I won't reveal why until after they are born (that has nothing to do with potential gender). I'm thinking Baby B may be the runt of the litter, but a scrapy little runt. So, I have kind of taken to talking to Baby B, just in my head, which may or may not confirm my nuttiness. But since decisions of late have been hinging on Baby B, I've just kind of been chatting, maybe coaching would be more descript, to take some of the pressure of Baby B. I mean shit, poor kid isn't even 0 yet. That's zero as in age...Anyway, so Baby B got one dose of that hospital shit and got it's shit back together. Bingo.

So, life is back to normal at The Manor, for the most part.

Tonya's freedom does come with some stipulations. She has an "area" that she is confined to. That area includes The Manor, the hospital, and West End Beach. We'll call it The Munson Triangle. Yeah, I know, she negotiated herself to the beach. It's Tonya, she could practically sell a thermometer to a theromostat. Anyway, also, she cannot care for the boys. That's a no brainer. Tonya's mom continues to sacrifice her life for us. Amazing. Dr. M asked to be sure that there aren't any "Tonya sightings" anywere...that has us laughing!

Tonya has identified two positives from the hospital - ability to take a super long shower without the boys interfering and huge ass chicken salads!

So, I will be going to GFS today to buy pounds and pounds of chicken for Tonya to put in her salads. I'm telling you, that broad can eat an acre of salad a day! I will be doing all that I can to keep Tonya eating. We want The Quads to get to 3 pounds. That is a personal goal. Actually, I think I just made that personal goal, but it sounds like a good goal. Tonya will tell everyone that eating more will not necessarily make the babies bigger, but at this point, I don't give a crap about what anyone else says, she's gonna eat and she's gonna eat lots!

Finally, the Dopplers have been getting a bit more difficult for the ultrasound staff. They do such a wonderful job and they are all so nice. We love going in to get these Doppler things done - it's fun to us! Heck, we get to see The Quads everyday, which is awesome and we get to evaluate the data and give our interpretations, basically a remedial doctor, if you will, which too is awesome. Remedial as in like slow upstairs. So today, I was commenting on flow or something, probably sounding like more of a jackass than anything else, and the nurse looks at me and sort of gestures handing the probe to me and says "here, you want to do this, you want to try and keep all these babies in here straight", or something to that effect. She was joking, of course. Of course, my first thought was "gimme that thing, I'll do some ultrasounding!"

So let's all pray for Jeremy in the hopes of him sitting in the ultrasound chair this week.

Dr. Lew