Monday, July 28, 2008

The Whole Story...

For those of you who have asked "Who did you pay to get released?" I want to be VERY CLEAR that TLew had no part in her escape... opps... I mean RELEASE from Munson hospital. Like I wrote on the blog last week, after our appointment with Dr. Jelsema on Friday I was truly resolved that I was staying.

So here's how it ALL WENT DOWN, kids.

As Jeremy wrote, we had a visit Saturday morning from our friends Ben & Jen Wickstrom and their two little cuties on their way up north. For the record, there was really nothing "on the way" about it - we were at least a 1-1/2 hour detour for them, so thank you for coming!!

Here is Jeremy and Ben - then my camera battery went - argh!

Our doppler results that morning were not 100% clear to us or Dr. Madion when we met with him just prior to the Wickstrom families visit. Baby B's graph looked like shark fins with a low, flat line just above the zero mark. Typically, anything ABOVE this zero line indicates that there IS diastolic flow, but the graph looked really odd because it had these low flat plateau's that stretched for quite a while separating the "fins". (I hope you can follow me) Dr. Madion's concern, was that the plateau's were actually an indication of no diastolic flow but the graph was showing it above that zero barrier due to a calibration issue. Dr. Madion wanted to discuss the results further with the radiologist and then reconvene with us when he had a better understanding of what we were looking at.


Then, as Jeremy indicated, in the midst of our visit with the Wickstrom's, I received a call from my nurse (this is how they kept track of me when I was able to resume my outdoor visits.... never lose this lady again!) stating that Dr. Madion wanted to talk to Jeremy and I ALONE in our room regarding our doppler that morning. He had talked to radiology and wanted to discuss some options with us. That's all she told me. But she was very clear about the ALONE part and the NOW part.


Panic sets in once again.

Poor Ben and Jen caught the drift right away, how comfortable is that... and we all said our goodbyes. Thankfully my parents were there with us too and were able to take the kids. We had no idea what to expect... but as you can imagine, we were nervous and playing through every scenario (we thought) possible on our way back to my chamber... I mean, room.

This is where things get nutty and don't make sense (you thought my doppler talk was bad?). Dr. Madion walks in and proceeds to talk to us about some options that he's been thinking about after discussing our results with radiology. Apparently those plateaus, as weird and scary as they looked to us, were actually exactly what they looked like. Diastolic flow. And the reason for the long stretches between the shark fins was due more to Baby B's lower heart rate on that particular morning.

OK. Resume breathing.

But... options for what then?

Dr. Madion then tells us that after reviewing our doppler's from the entire week, after being admitted to the hospital, he's not sure that the potential benefits of the reduced activity level is out weighing the stress of my being in the hospital away from my family. He MIGHT'VE thrown in something about the strain he sees developing between myself and the nursing staff trying to "keep me grounded"... or something... but TOTALLY a side note =) Cough, cough... So DR. MADION tells US that he is OK with my being discharged THAT DAY to resume life at the Manor with my family.


PLEASE NOTE THAT NO WHERE IN THIS DISCUSSION DID I OFFER UP THE OPTION OF LEAVING. THIS WAS 100% DR. MADION'S DOING!!! (although I know that I will never fully convince some of you that I honestly had nothing to do with it!!)

I am pretty sure that wanted to jump off the bed and hug him. Maybe I did? Can't actually remember due to the ADRENALINE RUSH BABY!! Hello good endorphins!!

Of course there are conditions to my release:

1)I HAVE to have someone with me 100% of the time to help with the boys.

2)I am allowed to travel within my directed "triangle" as established by Dr. Madion to ensure I keep a close proximity to the hospital in the event something were to happen. (hospital, manor, west end beach (what? what?))

3)I NEED TO MAKE A SOLID EFFORT to stay off my feet way more than I was prior to being admitted and let those around me help.

4)I have to use a wheelchair when traveling any sort of distance without a car (ie - when we "walk" to the hospital for my dopplers everyday... I ride. It's so pathetic.)

Dr. Madion assured me that he did not want to hear about "Tonya sightings" in Kalkaska (he honestly said Kalkaska... cracked me up... cause that's TOTALLY where I would go if I had a free pass for the day, right?) or at the Film Festival or anything... because he is very aware that he will take a lot of sh*t for releasing the crazy quad lady. But, HE DID IT ANYWAYS!!!

That's why we love that man. He KNOWS us well enough to really FEEL for our family and he tried his best to understand where we are coming from and what we are going through... he sat and talked with us for quite some time about how his wife and I are very similar in that we do not like to sit around or be cooped up and we can't stand to be kept away from our children... and I think he just related and followed his heart.

Of course, his parting words were like "You are leaving realizing that you may be back in here tomorrow. There are NO guarantees, Tonya. But I feel that this is the smartest thing for you, your babies, and your family right now. We will still see you every day and monitor your babies closely. So don't eat before your doppler's in case we need to deliver that day."

Huh? Deliver? Don't EAT? OK, OK.... I get it. We are SO CLOSE and every single day is a blessing. More so now that I get to enjoy them with my family again!!

Here is me with my mom and dad the night of my RELEASE at the park!! This may become one of my new favorite pics with them... look at my dad all holding my belly and stuff - HOW CUTE IS HE??

Here is our family on my first night of freedom picnicing at the park!! It was so odd to be so grateful for the little things that I had done whenever I wanted just one short week prior... every experience holds a purpose... and absence surely makes the heart grow fonder =) I've never enjoyed bedtime with my little guys so much, and never savored the sound of their little voices saying their prayers quite like that night. And, daddy had taught the boys that they have a "special prayer" for Baby B each night now while I was in the hospital... it melted my heart. We have always done "special prayers" for loved ones, friends, each other, Angel Meadow.... whom ever we feel compelled to say one for.... but this was so sweet to me... particularly because Aiden was like "Is it Baby D? No, Baby C? Oh. I think it's Baby B, right?" Couldn't remember which letter... it was the cutest thing.

Sunday brought another ultrasound - in which we learned that Baby B has some FRO', man!! That's right - we had a hair spotting!! It was hilarious!! Now I have a good excuse for all this acid indigestion, right? C'mon... you've heard the same thing... And a good doppler reading as well, no more crazy plateau's for Baby B!!! And clear diastolic flow!!! Then we wasted no time in getting mama T back to the beach!!! While daddy and papa were golfing we tore that West End UP!!

Check out that belly!! It's getting very torpedo-like!! The growth is nuts, eh? I have to admit that after only a week of hospital rest I can definitely notice the difference in the size and HEAVINESS of my belly. It's actually pretty odd. I wear all of my protective gear nearly all the time, but to walk or stand for more than 5 minutes I really feel the need to put my hands down under the belly and help support that rocket!! How quickly things grow at this stage - I hope we are approaching those 3#ers we are hoping for!!! This is me being SO GOOD laying down to help bury the boys and to lay some storm sewer pipe in the trench.

What? Our kids know every single piece of construction equipment used within a 50 mile radius of us - as well as the fact that there is storm sewer pipe, sanitary sewer pipe, water main... all of which are made from different types of materials depending on the application....

OK, I'll stop. But they are AWESOME!! Well versed in the world of engineering...(just ask my new friends: Stretch Mark 1 and Stretch Mark 2.... arrrrrggggghhhhhh) Which, by the way, actually HURT when they grow on my belly. Talk about adding insult to injury. NICE constant reminder of the permanent scars you are acquiring. Again, who talked me into those belly rings? That scar tissue just won't give another INCH!! I blame my buddy Jose'.

How come I didn't remember them looking so darned cute when they were swimming BEFORE I went into the hospital? I mean, I KNOW they are cuties, but I think I snapped about 400 pics of them that day... unstoppable.

And there's Grammie swimming with the boys - mommy is on shore ticked that she can't swim too!! But, Day Numero Uno. Follow rules. There could be spies at every turn!!!

And then today. Our doppler went great for Baby B, as Jeremy told you already. I was really nervous for some reason today too, just had this odd feeling like someone was going to try and spite me and be like "you thought you were better off on your own, eh? not so fast, smarty pants." And I was really jittery and, OK, emotional. At first I thought that I was just SO HAPPY to be out yesterday... but what is with the emotional out bursts?? I CRIED yesterday describing how good the boys were to Jeremy when they were gone golfing. That's right. CRIED. And in the ultrasound room today, yeah, sissy T CRIED when she saw how good Baby B's doppler was. CRIED AGAIN.

Hormones, anyone? Did anyone else find that it kicks into over-drive the closer you get to the finish line? I honestly don't remember this with either our twin or single pregnancy... and they WARNED ME that high muliples carry (among other things) HIGH HORMONES. But I am SO EVEN STEVEN, right?


Never mind that comment. But I do need to get a freaking grip all the sudden.

Anyhow, after our radical results (I just liked the sound of that!) we had to say our good byes to Papa who headed home today. Please say a little prayer for him as he tries to get things in place to support our family up north. And, we've stolen Grammie for a second week... sorry Papa! The boys were sad to see him go- the ADORE this man!

We quickly headed to the beach for a SOCIAL GATHERING (my first in a week!!!) afterwards!! FIRE UP MAMA T!!! We met up with Heidi, Beth, and Katie (and all the chitlins) as well as a drop in visit by Lisa and her girlfriend - HOW FUN!! Not everyone made it in this pic - especially the boys of the group - but you know the LADIES were all about representing!!

And here's Heidi, Beth, and I... we have been known to do some damage in a little town called Curtis, MI... or Vegas... but that seems like it might've been in a different lifetime right about now... I'll just REMEMBER how good those concoctions were...

So, until tomorrow... here's the 31 week belly pics - again - not that you need them now that I show you my belly in every stinking picture =) I have only 10 days to savor this pregnancy and all the miracles surrounding it... each night I lay and rub my belly enjoying the movements from our babies within... it's SUCH A CRAZY COOL CIRCUS in there... and I know that there is a very real chance this is our last pregnancy.... so it honestly makes me sad... OK, makes me cry, lately (see above issues). I truly do LOVE being pregnant... and as little sleep as I get, and as heavy as this belly is, and as much as I miss my gym and rough housing with our boys (and other un-mentionables that I am not allowed to do too in this "condition"... cough, cough...) - nothing compares to the ultimate gift of growing God's precious creations within me. I feel so honored to have been chosen for this role of mother of 7 - and pray that I remember this special time of pregnancy in my life forever.

And so, in closing tonight (FINALLY, I know...) I'd just like to re-iterate our thanks to the Wickstrom family for being the catalysts in this continued string of crazy good news. It's not by chance or luck - we know that God sent your family that day to touch our lives once again and begin the whirlwind of continual blessings, beginning with our called meeting with Dr. Madion that day. Thank you.

Good night, all. Please pray for continued health of all our babies and a healthy delivery on August 7th!!!


Anonymous said...

I've read your blog forever, but don't post much!
Hope all continues to go well and you can stay home for a couple more days.
You and your family are in my prayers.

Jutta from Solingen, Germany

Jen vonKarl said...

Hey - so let me tell you - sista' hasn't been getting much work done during the past 3 month or so because I am too busy reading all of these blogs - you guys should really write a book you know. I'm glad to see everything is going well - Karl and I and the "people" are thinking about you guys daily.

Gabrielle said...

Thats so great that your a free preggo quad woman! lol Enjoy your beautiful family!! Love ya!

Claire said...

Great work! I'm very impressed :)

Keep on keeping on!


damien said...

your doing great . im adddicted to your blog . a fellow quad mom had her quads to day the demaria quads . Oh yes you say your a mom to 7 you have 2 boys plus the quads right ???? any way your in my htoughs and prays that you make it to the 7th of august oh wow leo babies there going to be a hand full . keep eating and gewt those babies all above 3 lbs .

Dana said...

So glad you get to enjoy your family outside of the hospital until the babies arrive! All of that happiness has to be good for the little ones! Love the belly pics--grow babies grow.